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Started By mentzer51 (eagan, mn, U.S.A.)

Started on: 2/17/2007 2:33:56 PM, viewed 3371 times
Dual Factor, Loading/Unloading, Periodization, and other questions

I have a few simple questions on these topics. There is information on this stuff on the internet somewhere, but I just want a summation.

What exactly is the dual-factor theory?

Why is loading/unloading necessary?

Why do training coaches like Rippetoe and Madcow advocate multiple sets on exercises? Why do they say 3 sets for one exercise, 2 sets on this one, and 1 on this one?

Why does Rippetoe say to workout 3 times a week, instead of saying wait this amount of days after each workout?

Rippetoe and Madcow say to increase workload over time as opposed to Mentzer saying you need less as you get stronger. It seems like Mentzer would be right because the stress over time becomes greater with heavier weights being used. Sure, you are adapting to that stress from each workout, but more weight is constantly being added, and the body hasnt adapted to that new weight yet.

How do you know training to failure taxes the cns too much, and requires the last recovery days solely spent on cns recovery?

Why do some say training to "failure" is subjective?

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HITHopper (Adelaide, SA, Australia) on 2/18/2007 6:10:14 AM

Dual factor is really quite complex and you should probably read up on some sites about it.In the General forum of this site Jeff has posted some very useful links,id start there.It would be very worth the while.

DeadTrap (Somewhere, *, U.S.A.) on 2/18/2007 9:39:45 AM

Lets see Jeff is the one who FAILED applying HD after 7 years of switching to new movements, he was switching because he was OVER TRAINING

Then he started pushing volume training and now he is injured from a dead lift he picked up incorrectly.

Ya… he sounds like someone we should listen to Ya SURE?????


bloodandguts (Alburg, vt, U.S.A.) on 2/18/2007 12:25:07 PM

I agree with HitHopper, there′s some really good info in the links Jeff posted. I′m sure even those that are doing well with HD would find it interesting.

Deadtrap, your "Ad hominem" arguement is totally irrational. Mike Mentzer was a former amphetamine and steroid abuser and spent time in an institution but you dont see anything wrong with listening to him. Grow up and stop acting like a troll . . . or is it that you′re not acting?


mentzer51 (eagan, mn, U.S.A.) on 2/18/2007 10:45:43 PM

Can you be more specific when you say the links are in the General section. Theres thousands of pages in there. Thanks

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