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Started on: 2/13/2006 8:57:28 AM, viewed 1068 times

I am currently on a version of the consolidated routine:

w/out 1: squats, cg pullodwns, military press (rest 7 days)

w/out 2: squats, dips, calf raises (repeat…)

My question is, whilst on this routine do you think i should be doing any form of cardio training?

I know that squats are a demanding exercise, taxing the whole body but after a really good set, i′m absolutley whupped, breathing heavy and having to wait a good few minutes before even contemplating my next exercise. Now is this common? Does it have anythign to do with the low volume, low frequency style of training and would performing any cardio help or hinder the situation.

My goal is to gain both size and strength. By the way, i hate doing cardio but i don′t like the idea of sacrificing conditioning and health for extra size.

Any ideas? what did MM recommend for cardio or did he not place emphasis on its involvement?


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dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 2/13/2006 9:19:54 AM

According to Mike Mentzer, cardio is not a good idea. He said to stop doing to until you want to lean down more (or maintain the muscle you gain). I think he′s right if it′s the SYSTEM that is overtraining (or most likely to overtrain). If your MUSCLES are what′s overtraining, doing cardio would be fine and possibly even HELP with recovery and gains. My guess is, since you′re doing large compounds from the consolidation routine, your SYSTEM would be your limitation.

I′m currently going to do a routine where I alternate a few isolation with compound exericses, workout to workout, for a test. I want to see if my system gets recovered and the excitement to train comes back. We all have noticed after a HARD set of squats, deadlifts, etc., that the desire to train is almost non-existant SEVERAL days after the workout. I believe this is because the system is totally drained and overtrained.

I have a feeling when I do isolation, I will CRAVE to workout more. Now whether I can actually PROGRESS with strength with these alternated isolation workouts is another story. I′m just trying to get the optimal balance between muscle overtraining and system overtraining.


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