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Started By HIT (northwest, wa5, england)

Started on: 10/27/2003 6:17:00 AM, viewed 2034 times

Hi HD-Latino

below is a comment you made about the MM underground video and say he Mike told a story did he by any chance out line the program used? if so would you please pass it on.

in the MM underground video tells a story of a guy who only does one set per work out.

thanks for the positive comments on my pulldown workout you made me see it in a deferent light.


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HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 10/27/2003 10:05:54 AM

Hola Hit,

I will have to look at the video and let you know. Im at work now so give me some time. I believe he mentions the guys name and weight. I dont think he mentiones the routine. But if you see my post (quesiton for Hit4life) I beleive its the same routine that he outlines. I dont want to sound like a broken record. But if you dont have MM underground seminar tape, go get it.

By the way your very welcome. That′s how you should see it. A 15lbs weight gain especially on the pulldown is great strenght gain.


HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 10/28/2003 11:38:22 AM

Hey HIT,

I saw the video last night. The name of the person that you asked is Will Robinson. Im not sure if thats the correct spelling. I checked to see if there was something on the net about him, but nothing. Mike′s info on him goes as following. Will Robinson 21 years of age, Height 5′6. Went from body weight 125 to 250 in 4 years. Mike said that was his greatest succes witha client. The underground video was tape in 1998, could be the reason for not finding anything on the internet.

Christoph (South Sioux City, NE, United States) on 11/8/2007 3:34:12 PM

I wanted you current members who are aware of all the recent discussion on 1-set-per-workout routines to see this. I mentioned that Mike only ever mentioned 1 client he trained with 1-set, and that he had great success. Wow was I happy to find this topic!

There is not much info, but as you see in the above reply by HD_Latino, his name was Will Robinson, and according to Mike he went from a bodyweight of 125 to 250 in 4 years! That′s why I say given more time Mike would have tested it on more people.

By the way, I just realized while browsing the past topics, apparently a one-set-routine "movement" took place in this forum back in 2003/2004. Many of the members reported the utilization of such routine and their success was astounding! I found many of these reportings just by searching "STEVE" or "HD_Latino" then skimming for any topics that may pertain to such a thing. Some of these members were pushing over 1,000 pounds! Anyways, that′s interesting because people who HAVE realized these things and HAVE taken advantage of the things that have been discussed here lately DID (and do) exist!

(ForumAdmin: There are certainly some gems in the "archives!")

HD27 (N.Falls, Ontario, Canada) on 11/8/2007 6:37:30 PM


Great find!.I guess when trying to reach people mainly through the "mainstream" musclemags as mike was,it is almost impossible to try and make people understand the concept of volume,frequency,intensity.Let alone the fact that one should train once per week (or less).And the fact that one really only needs 3 exercises to train the entire body.

That′s an amazing testimonial that Will Robinson doubled his bodyweight in 4 years!.

Christoph,have you received Doug Mcguff′s book yet?.

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