Prestigious Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

Bodybuilding has gained great popularity worldwide, and with this grew the number of championships as well. Among the most important international competitions, we can mention the Arnold Classic, Mrs. Universe, the Canada Pro Cup, Mrs. Texas, and the most longed by all the bodybuilders, Mrs. Olympia, which is the consecration of a bodybuilder, more or less like winning the World Cup in football.

It should be noted that each country holds its own internal championships, from which the representatives come out to extraneous competitions representing their country, and the support for this sport depends on how popular it is in their country, because finally, every sport discipline on a large scale ends up becoming a business, which determines the investment that could be made according to the profitability of the sport. But if it is not invested in this sport or in any other sport, how is it expected to become popular and generate profitability in the future? something that must be taken into account to resolve the little support this sport receives in underdeveloped countries.


Professional bodybuilders who dedicate themselves to the competition run poses in front of a jury, which assigns scores and awards titles such as those of Mister Universe or Mister Olympia.

The bodybuilding competition is basically divided into two rounds; the first, known as precomputation or semifinals, in which 4 symmetry poses and 7 mandatory musculature poses are performed to determine the degree of development, definition, size, symmetry, proportions, in addition to aesthetics to settle scores. The second part is called the final or competition, where they arrive between 5 and 6 finalists, who each have one minute of music to perform a choreography of Free poses.

Female bodybuilding

A bodybuilder was losing at the London Classic and Stars of Tomorrow, November 2007. Although it was originally a male-only sport, in the 1980s women’s competitions began to emerge.

In some countries, women who practice bodybuilding tend to provoke a certain social rejection, due to cultural preconceptions about femininity. This led to an evolution of female bodybuilding and the emergence of new modalities where female forms are given greater relevance than the size and definition itself. That is, closer to the image of femininity that society usually understands as acceptable. These modalities are the recent body fitness or figures and fitness, in which competitors also demonstrate physical and choreographic skills. The world trend is to the better management of the femininity and the new contests and competitions for the professional bodybuilding are promoting muscle growth natural, that is to say without the use of chemicals that deform the femininity as for example steroids, that if you give more muscle growth can change the features of the face whether it be man or woman.

The championship of fitness and bodybuilding IFBB-Euskadi (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness), held this past Sunday in Santurtzi (Bizkaia), had to be suspended after the abandonment of the competition by the majority of the participants, once they knew that they would be doping tests.

In a statement, the Agency Basque anti-Doping (EAA-AVA), dependent of the Direction of Physical Activity and Sport of the Basque Government, recalled that in the past month of May was signed an agreement of collaboration between the IFBB-the Basque country and the AVA so that this agency could perform doping controls in those competitions organized by this association in the Autonomous Community of the Basque country.

As a result of this collaboration agreement, in a competition held in Santurtzi on 16 June 2018, AVA proceeded to carry out doping controls, the results of which were forwarded to IFBB-Euskadi.

In this regard, the AVA has specified that its work is limited to carrying out doping controls in competitions of the IFBB-Euskadi, the association is the one who, once the results have been received, is in charge of the processing of any penalty files that might exist in the event of possible infringements of the use of doping substances.