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Started By Vaines (Canada)

Started on: 11/8/2003 12:11:32 AM, viewed 3952 times
The Ideal Routine

Day 1: Chest/Back For all 1 set to failure

Dumbell Fly′s(or Pec Fly′s)

Incline Press

Reverse Grip Pulldowns

Deadlifts(alternated once in a while with shrugs)

Day 2: Shoulders/Arms

Db Laterals

Bent Db Laterals

Barbell Curl

Tricep Pushdowns


Day 3: Legs

Leg Extention


That′s it. This routine was posted on the site wayt back when we were having the HIT challenge(what happened to that anyway?) This is the ideal routine. I posted it because it seems some of you have forgotten about it. I use this routine, once every 7-10 days. It′s extremely effecting, and im gaining strength on every exercise for months now.

Don′t forget the Ideal routine.


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HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 11/9/2003 12:52:07 AM

Vaine no one forgot about the ideal routine except for you. The above is not the ideal routine. But anyways alot of us in here just like Mike realize that the ideal routine quickly leads to overtraining.

cb46 (t, state, usa) on 11/9/2003 6:53:40 PM

Vaines, the Ideal Routine that you posted comes from HD I, and if you follow the principles MM postulated, you will be able to use it for awhile.

However, you will need to pay careful attention to how you regulate the frequency. Your post indicates that you are training every 7-10 days, which suggests that you may be at the "top end" of the frequency principle already. If you fail to make gains over 2-3 workouts, consider dropping the isolation (i.e., pre-exhaust) exercises for 2-3 workouts, then you can decide whether you need to take an extended break from training and whether you need to change routines or modify the Ideal Workout.

Vaines (t, state, usa, Canada) on 11/10/2003 3:46:54 PM

I′ve used it for 6 months, and I havn′t stopped gaining. I increased the days of rest because I felt my intensity level was increasing, and i needed more rest. The next step, which is far off into the distance would be the consolodated routine.

How can that possible lead to overtraining? With 7-10 days of pure rest(exception for those with extremely bad recovery systems)

My workouts last from 15 minutes(legs) to 30 minutes(chest and back)

HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 11/10/2003 4:05:37 PM

Vaines, I think your takeing too long. I mean when I did the ideal routine Chest and back only took me 15 mints. Legs took me 5-7 mints.

If your still making good strenght gains your not overtraining. But dude if you was to do the consolidation routine you would make better strenght gains. Something to think about.

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