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Started By DexyBoy (Townsvilee, Qld, Australia)

Started on: 4/7/2009 8:37:36 PM, viewed 776 times
Bill Sahli rountine


I found this routine on Bill′s site and thought I′d get your thoughts on it. Think this is going to be the workout of choice for the next few months. I′ve just down the last (8th) full body workout and am taking two weeks off. Bill, I know you patrol this site a bit so if I get any wrong here feel free to step in, it is your work after all.


Dumbbell or Machine flies (incline or flat) superset


French press or closegrip press

Leg Press (options superset clave raises on same machine with 5-7 sec hold at contracted position)


Pull over or Pulldowns

High Pulls

Deadlift or Partials

Barbell Curls

I think it gives a good mix of iso and compound movements and includes all the key excersises. Rep range is 5-8 except dips as a superset can be 1-5.

I′ll be taking 7 days off between workouts and will log progress in the routines section.

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Meucci (., Skåne, Sweden) on 4/8/2009 11:51:50 AM

I think that you should exclude the High Pulls…

Here´s a workout you might like instead :

W.O 1:


Presses Behind Neck

Barbell Curls


W.O 2:


Palms Up Pulldowns


Upright Rows

DexyBoy (Townsvilee, Qld, Australia) on 4/26/2009 12:05:39 AM

I think the idea here is a push/pull split which I enjoying so far. An upright row is just a high pull with full rung right to the chin. I like the extra weight and limited movement of the highpull, burns the biceps and forearms to! Especially after chins or pulldowns.

Only had two workouts and they′ve been unrecord and a bit random. Just moved and trying to get some gym gear together as the new place is pretty remote. Will start posting progress in the routines section soon.

hduty2 (New Port Richey, Florida, U.S.A.) on 6/10/2009 2:05:29 PM

I was zooming through here today and found these comments and I would like to clarify something.

A high pull is not an upright row and does not even resemble one. It would be a grave error to exclude this exercise when it is performed properly because it is a core exercise… one of the big ones that not only turns on the growth mechanism of the body in line with rows, squats and deads but also hits very directly the biceps, upper back, traps and ALL sides of the delt. If you would like to refrain from growth in all these areas, then exclude High Pulls as they will give you bowling ball delts.

Press behind the neck could not touch these babies nor is it recommended do do them in this workout above.

I have a description on how to accurately perform them here http://mindbecomesmass.com

Best regards to all,


PS… I have been extremely covered up (busy) lately so please do not leave a question here for me as I may not see it. You can always go to my website and submit a question under Info Area.

lightningstriking (Rotherham, yorkshire, U.K.) on 6/2/2010 1:23:22 PM

I think upright rows are dangerous.

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