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Started By Buffed (stockholm, 4567, sweden)

Started on: 6/6/2005 3:53:36 AM, viewed 956 times
Doug Furnas

Does anyone here know how the old world class powerlifter Doug Furnas used to train?

I read somewhere that he trained only twice a week with very low volume, and was built like a

bodybuilder. I have tried to find articles about him but have found very little.


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IRON395 (MERRILVILLE, IN, United States) on 6/6/2005 1:21:57 PM


According to a muscle and fitness article from the Dec 1988 article I have Doug trained twice a week. One workout he only performed squats. He only did a couple of sets and never went over five reps. His next training sesson he did a couple sets of bench with competition grip,then a set or two of wide and narrow grip presses then he was done. He rarely trained his deadlift , and if he did he trained it after his squats.

I remember him as a pro wrestler and he had an excellent physique. His legs particularly his hamstrings really stuckout. He retired from powerlifting competition in his mid twenties after becoming the first athelete to total over 2400 lbs in two consequtive meets. After retiring,he was usually on hand at many powerlifting meets helping Ed Coan, who he was a great friend of.

I will locate this article and will put it up here. It was a short article.


IRON395 (MERRILVILLE, IN, United States) on 6/6/2005 2:21:32 PM

It was Muscle and fitness Jan. 1988.


Buffed (stockholm, 4567, sweden) on 6/6/2005 3:27:42 PM

Thank you IRON

I would really like to read that article!

I have started to train like that to….Monday, squats and abs. Thursday bench and rows. That´s it!

But i only do 1 top set. I started with 2 top sets but my strength went down. I will focus only at getting stronger at those exercises, and i think ALL bodyparts will be developed.


smanjh (somewhere in, the USA, U.S.A.) on 6/6/2005 6:12:59 PM

Does anyone remember when this guy got into wrestling? Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon, that tag team.

And Buffed, I think you are exactly right in your training ideals.

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