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Started By shavednydude (Yorktown, NY, U.S.A.)

Started on: 10/26/2003 2:43:59 PM, viewed 1580 times
Program Progress

IŒve been using a HIT program of sorts that IŒve seen some good pregress with- for me, that is- it may not be for everyone. I would like to hear your feedback on it.

BB Squats- 1 warmup Set, then 2 heavy Sets just short of fail (workout at home, so donŒt have spotter)

BB Flat Bench Press- Same

BB Deadlifts- 1 warmup Set, the 2 Sets to failure

BB Seated Military Press- 2 Sets to fail, no warmup used

Standing BB Curls- 2 Sets to fail

Crunches- 2 Sets to fail

With this program IŒve done it every other day- hereŒs some progress:


Squats: 80#x 9 & 5 Reps

Bench Press: 80x 11, 3

Deadlifts: 70x 10,4

Mil Press: 40x 11,3

Curls: 40x 10,3


Squats: 80x 7,4

Bench Press: 80x 11,5 (shouldŒve raised it to 86# for this one!)

Deadlifts: 76x 10,3

Mil Press: 46x 6,3

Curls: 46x 7,2


Squats: 80x 10,5

Bench Press: 86x 9,4

Deadlifts: 80x 9,4

Mil Press: 46x 9,3

Curls: 46x 8,2


Squats: 86x 8,5

Bench Press: 86x 12,3

Deadlifts: 80x 11,4

Mil Press: 46x 10,5

Curls: 46x 10,3


Squats: 86x 12,5

Bench Press: 90x 11,4

Deadlifts: 90x 6,2

Mil Press: 50x 8,4

Curls: 50x 7,2


Squats: 90x 9,5

Bench Press: 90x 8,4

Deadlifts: 90x 7,2

Mil Press: 50x 10,2

Curls: 50x 9,2


Squats: 90×11,5 (today IŒll up it to 96#)

Bench Press: 96x 10,3 (up to 100#)

Deadlifts: 90x 8,1

Mil Press: 56x 7,4

Curls: 50x 9,2

Rest periods between sets are long enough to write in the log, then move on. I donŒt do cardio, but feel my heart racing when IŒm done with this workout (also why I do it 3x week)

Lemme know your thoughts! Thanks!

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Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 10/26/2003 3:21:19 PM

Very Good Progress ! Continue like that and when progress will slow try to do one set insteed of 2. Then maybe only 2 workouts insteed of 3 etc.

I see one problem you need Chins or Barbell Row ! You don′t work your lats, not directly enough at least.

shavednydude (Yorktown, NY, U.S.A.) on 10/26/2003 10:09:02 PM

Thanks Vincent!

I thought doing Deadlifts would take care of Lats, but I guess DL are pretty indirect. I′ll add either Chins or BB Rows.

Thanks again!

Golgo13 (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) on 10/27/2003 12:20:17 PM

2 sets!? Thats bad Ju-Ju! You are hurting your recovery ability.

shavednydude (Yorktown, NY, U.S.A.) on 10/30/2003 7:27:04 AM

Val, any words of advice on my prog?

I′ve tried following Mike′s HD prog, but found my strength increase, but never saw changes to my body.

Don′t know if this effects things, but I′m the type that holds fat pretty easily. I′m 37, 5′10" and currently 170, but as a kid I was always fat (260#+ in Middle School). Through determination I lost most of that weight about 8 yrs ago, but since I workout at home I don′t have the "drive" to do cardio.

I ate less while following Mike′s prog, but found it didn′t make much of a difference. Now with the routine I′m using now I′m hungry!

I′ve tried eating 5-6x day, but found I retained more fat than anything.

Ok, my body′s weird- I know that!

Would love to get your feedback- Thanks!

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