High Intensity Powerbuilding by Bill Sahli- for experienced and advanced only!

Hello fellow HIT enthusiasts…

I just released my latest Ebook, High Intensity Powerbuilding – The Next Step… found at http://www.ruserious.info to my list members.

Many of my friends, associates and former training partners have been egging me on, to release the true abbreviated workout that enabled me to reach my all time biggest and strongest. Although I am considered a shorty 5″5″, it enabled me to benchpress over 400, squat over 600, deadlift 830, halfsquat 1000 and do barbell rows with 405 at a bodyweight of 238…and a couple other strength feets described in the book.

It is not for the beginner and is not low stress, but it is extremely effective if your goal is to become your all time biggest and strongest. It is certainly not for the faint hearted.

In true HIT fashion it is put together in detail. I also have a special for the holidays where I offer both my books for a discounted rate…

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