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Started By KR0ME (London, S, England)

Started on: 10/9/2005 4:01:58 PM, viewed 3493 times
HIT According to Mr. Musclenow

From www.musclenow.com:

Muscle Building Supplements are a



H.I.T Training (Low Volume) Is The

Biggest Myth In Bodybuilding History!

Are you confused about muscle building or fat loss?

I don′t blame you! With the plethora of myths, misconceptions, and outright lies, I thank God that I was able to produce over 60 pounds of new muscle mass on my own body, but it took intense experimentation to determine exactly what diet and training techniques work best. The very popular H.I.T (High Intensity Training) technique is now sold by others using different marketing gimmicks and names, so you may have heard of this concept under a different title (anybody who advertises "very infrequent workouts", "training a muscle every 6-10 days", yells about "overtraining" being the reason behind a lack of progress, etc, is promoting H.I.T). Since this "H.I.T" theory gained mainstream popularity after I had built the majority of my muscle mass using other methods, I didn′t directly experiment with this philosophy until later in my training career. But, something interesting happened. Whenever I would allow a 6-7 day gap between training a muscle, even when using very high intensity training techniques (configuring my workouts into the low volume, infrequent "H.I.T" approach), my muscles would begin to SHRINK in size! How could this be? H.I.T is advertised as the greatest find in the history of bodybuilding? Well, it surely SOUNDS appealing, because it encourages you to spend LESS time training for bigger and BETTER muscle gains, so how could this NOT attract a wide audience? I′d love to spend more time sitting on my couch while achieving results faster than ever, and I know any bodybuilder would agree! It is so refreshing to hear someone tell me that overtraining is the reason behind my lack of growth, because this means I can put forth LESS discipline and effort, spend MORE time AWAY from the weights, and achieve BETTER results! This is what I and everybody else wants to hear! Which is why people try to sell this theory as a program, since it sounds so exciting, and a person who isn′t achieving results will buy ANY explanation, especially if it promises to make their life much easier!

But in practice, when I put this theory to the test on my own body, it simply does not work, and you will find EXTREME disappointment in the amount of muscle built. When using H.I.T, a plateau will QUICKLY develop, meaning that you will only gain a FRACTION of the muscle your body is capable of. I tried H.I.T, and LOST muscle mass that I had built using other effective techniques, so no amount of advertising or hype is going to outweigh my own practical experience, which proves H.I.T to be a theory filled with false promises. Based on my own observations, it seems that the H.I.T concept was promoted by steroid-using bodybuilders who ALREADY built muscle mass using HIGHER VOLUME training techniques, and because of drug use, H.I.T allowed them to MAINTAIN muscle, as can just about any weight training routine to one who uses steroids. Also, dangerous drugs allow a bodybuilder to train MUCH differently from a natural counterpart, because their body resists muscle breakdown due to greatly increased hormone levels, and this allows the "H.I.T" philosophy to flourish as a muscle maintenance routine for steroid monsters, but a worthless waste of time for the rest of us lifter who are natural, and searching for consistent results. Ultimately, the whole H.I.T concept is built upon a LIE (STEROIDS and MAINTENANCE of muscle built, rather than natural newfound, consistent muscle gains). But H.I.T. is NOT the ONLY muscle building myth, as super slow training fits into the same category, as do so many other weight training and aerobic techniques, and let′s not forget about diet, which is EQUALLY important when compared with training for muscle growth or fat loss, and there are so many diet misconceptions that circulate throughout the bodybuilding industry, it is almost impossible to keep track.

You Need To Properly Train AND Diet To

Build Muscle or Burn Fat

I have unfortunately received emails from people who mistakenly believe that their training program is PERFECT, so they ask for the proper diet to finally promote significant results. But how in the world can someone KNOW that their training or diet is effective when they aren′t making any progress? If you aren′t building muscle or burning fat, more than likely you are making MANY diet AND training errors that PREVENT your body from producing results. Supplement companies try to rob you blind with unsubstantiated claims and worthless products, but they are not even the worst enemy — it is YOUR TRAINING AND DIET PROGRAM THAT MUST CHANGE, as otherwise, you will continue to achieve NOTHING! It′s a very simply concept — if what you are doing now is not producing results, then to CONTINUE is no different than banging your head against the wall and expecting that next time, it isn′t going to hurt.

Do NOT Confuse Muscle Strength With Muscle Mass!

People have told me that they gain strength using certain techniques, but do not grow in muscle size, and this seeming contradiction must confuse many who aim to improve their physique. It is very important that you do NOT confuse strength gains with muscle building, because you could find yourself using a significantly higher weight in all exercises six weeks after starting a new routine, but have yet to gain any measurable muscle mass, which could cause you to think that maybe waiting a few weeks longer will allow muscle size to "catch up." It will be a very long, disappointing few weeks if you take this approach, because your muscle size will stay the same! Do not mistakenly believe that a routine is "working" just because you are now bench pressing more than you were a few weeks ago, because the only way to determine if your routine is providing legitimate progress is to measure growth. You can gain strength AND muscle size SIMULTANEOUSLY if you eat and train correctly, but there are routines that will actually cause your strength to improve without any associated muscle size increases (such as H.I.T., and others), and this is a very important distinction that you must realize.

If You Cannot Measure New Muscle Gains


Then You MUST Change Your Routine!

Some people mistakenly believe that it takes weeks or sometimes months for a program to provide noticeable change, so they continue tinkering with the same ineffective system, just waiting for the day when their body begins to experience this dramatic surge of progress that will amaze the world. But in reality, the only variable is food intake, and when you are consuming the proper amount for muscle gains or fat loss (I will teach you exactly how to determine this through measurements, as it differs for each individual), then you should achieve muscle gains or fat loss on a WEEKLY basis. Not every month, not even every two weeks, but rather WEEKLY. Begin using the correct training AND diet methods, and suddenly, you will begin to notice your body changes every seven days, like clockwork!

"Overtraining" Is Not The Reason Why

Most Have Difficulty Building Significant Muscle Mass!

If I were simply trying to win you over, I′d say point blank that all bodybuilders who do not grow are overtraining, because this would cause you to feel a sigh of relief and believe that you can lay back, rest easy and begin to grow. But this is simply not true, and anybody that makes such a statement is not disclosing the facts. Many bodybuilders, if not most, are training with sufficient volume, or in some cases, possibly UNDERTRAINING, but the techniques they use in the weight room are incorrect, AND they follow impotent diet routines, which is the reason behind their lack of progress. So, it is not training to little that plagues the muscle building aspirations of natural bodybuilders, but rather, mistakes made in diet and training routines that hinder the body from producing new levels of muscle or burning fat. Fix both the diet and training problems, and you will begin to grow every single week!

My Own Story

Before beginning to lift weights, my arms measured 12.5 inches flexed, and my chest 35 inches relaxed, at 6′2" in height and 130 pounds (extremely thin). I aimed to transform my naturally skinny frame into a muscular, cut physique (VERY low body fat — abs totally visible) without the help of steroids or growth hormones. After years of trying, it appeared as if drug use was a prerequisite for building an impressive body…until I found the proper training and diet plan. I now know that tremendous results don′t stem from a worthless supplement bottle or dangerous drug injection, but rather through effective diet and training philosophies. Why? Because with over 15 years of trial and error behind me, I have achieved a very high level of muscle mass with the help of food and weights…NOT DRUGS OR SUPPLEMENTS. I gained 6 inches on my arms and 12 inches on my chest so fast that I have stretch marks to prove it, and have helped countless people worldwide to build muscle or lose fat (many testimonials are shown below)."

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KR0ME (London, S, England) on 10/9/2005 4:08:47 PM

Heres the clincher:

"Whenever I would allow a 6-7 day gap between training a muscle, even when using very high intensity training techniques (configuring my workouts into the low volume, infrequent "H.I.T" approach), my muscles would begin to SHRINK in size! "

So basically what he is saying is if he doesnt train high volume 3-5 days a week and takes a week of HIS MUSCLES SHRINK!. Says alot about what kind of muscle gains he has experienced. The type of muscle that shrinks in a matter of days when checking high volume training is not real muscle gain its just due to swelling and is temporary as he demonstrates with his own example.

dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 10/9/2005 6:55:09 PM

Thanks for that Kr0me!

"So basically what he is saying is if he doesnt train high volume 3-5 days a week and takes a week of HIS MUSCLES SHRINK!. Says alot about what kind of muscle gains he has experienced. The type of muscle that shrinks in a matter of days when checking high volume training is not real muscle gain its just due to swelling and is temporary as he demonstrates with his own example."

I agree 100% about the temporary size gains. It′s completely transient and not the kind of muscle I would ever seek.


chopper (G.C., Queensland, Australia) on 10/10/2005 9:00:55 AM

HIT′s the only thing that works for me I PUT ON 3/4 of an inch on my arms using HIT in 5 months had 91 days off and never lost the size because the gains were real to begin with gained by busting my nuts using HIT 1 set only 6 to 10 reps ha ha ha

MM was a good man I would rather trust what MM had to say than most in the bodybuilding world

I don′t think for a minute that MM would have given anybody wrong information to make a quick $ he was a good honest man – may he rest in peace!

dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 10/10/2005 11:00:08 AM

Man, this guy is a complete moron (the guy who wrote the article).


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