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Started By Master (UK, 666, The World)

Started on: 2/8/2004 4:07:15 AM, viewed 550 times
Master Workout

Here is my routine.

Each exercise 1 set of 8 reps maximum (once i can perform 8 reps i increase resistance next workout).

Squat, Leg Press, Bench Press, Incline Press, Bent Row, Reverse Pulldown, Military Press and Deadlift.

I rest at least 4 days and no more than 7 days between each workout.

Thanks M

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jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 2/8/2004 6:09:03 AM

Welcome to the forum Master!

When it comes to your routine, how do you break it up? Also why are you training in this style, are you a fan of HD/HIT?

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cb46 (t, state, usa) on 2/8/2004 3:07:48 PM

Your workout is full body, I am assuming, and if so, it is a sound HIT routine, though it does not follow a HD workout scheme.

Zeus (HIT, Mike, Sweden) on 2/8/2004 4:44:15 PM

Only basic compound exercises.

Many muscles overlapping each other!

Can you even breath after such workout? 🙂

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