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Started By Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)

Started on: 12/30/2003 6:35:09 PM, viewed 4046 times
Training Log

I′m tired to stagnate or regress and until now I was unable to follow a routine… ever change, train too frequently, too much etc. I hope you guys will help me to continue with this routine and not continue to make mistakes so I decided to post my workouts here and I′ll follow the consolidation routine :

A) Chins + Full SQT (eventualy calves raises)

B) Bench Press (shoulder width grip, less than 30cm) + SLDL

I know it′s not exactly the routine outlined by Mentzer but I cannot do dips at home and SLDL is much safer in my case and I think if something miss in the consolidation routine it′s calves work, for some SQT might be enough for some it might not. I′ll start with 3-4 days between workouts Monday/Friday then add rest days if strength doesn′t increase. 6 reps for each set, except 20 for SQT. Also I′ll culr once a while just to maintain strength (it′s my favorite exercise).

My best perforance :

Chins : 6xBW+35kg (BW was ~73kg)

Bench Press (close grip) : 18x73kg never did low reps before…

SLDL : 8x139kg

Full Squat : 20x75kg I know it′s very low compared to others exercises it′s because I never did SQT regulary and don′t have a rack at home. I must use my bench to unload the bar…

Today I did workout A :

Chins : warm up :/ work set 4xBW+34kg and 4xBW+36kg

Full Squat : warm up 20×49 20×69 work set 20x75kg

One legged calves raises : 1x20x36kg (weight attached around waist)

I know one set is enough for chins but I felt 34kg was too light and thought I could get 5-6 reps with 36kg… so I tried with 36kg but failed at 4 reps grrr ! Warm up was too heavy on SQT next time I′ll go lighter. Not too bad for a begining. I hope I′ll be able to CONTINUE like that and not train too frequently… help me guys ! I need psychological help ! 🙂

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jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 12/30/2003 8:49:22 PM

Vincent have faith, you′re doing just fine. Btw, you can do dips at home. You know the walkers that older people or injured people use, you can use one of them. Please forgive me (lord). But when my sister was no longer in need of it, I used it for dips. It was perfect. Maybe someone has one that they don′t need right now and will let you use it. Sometimes even at a junkyard or something. Just make sure it is screwed together tightly, cause you wouldn′t want that to come apart while you are on it. I better watch out for lightning.


dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 12/31/2003 1:36:09 PM

Hey Vincent,

The first part to improving is identifying the problem. You have already done that.

Now it′s TOTALLY up to you if you continue with the new routine and DON′T make the same mistakes.

I know you can do it. You just have to put your mind to it. You are one of the few lucky people who have realized things from mistakes, and THAT says a lot.

Keep on going with the new routine and good-luck!


Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/6/2004 3:40:18 PM

3 January

CG BP : nothing GOOD so I decided to stop it and restart with Dips !

Dips : 5x107kg down ! (4 month without weighted Dips)

SLDL : 2x145kg (best was 8x139kg)

6 January

Chins : 6x83kg 6x93kg 7x103kg work set 1.5x111kg (BW 73kg, 72kg in the morning)

— Not very good workouts but I was very tired and changed exercises and split. I′ll continue like that :

A) Full squat + Dips

B) SLDL + Chins

the athlete routine ! I get nothing from Bench Press… so I won′t continue but I need to go to a gym for Dips so I also have to change my split. Insteed of chins + SQT and SLDL + Dips a la Mentzer I′ll do the above. I need to sleep more if I want to progress…

BTW here are my pics

may 2003


january 2004 (leaner but I lost muscles because of high reps training…)


Now serious things will start ! Friday or Saturday I′ll do Dips + full Squat on smith machine at the gym then 3-4 days later Chins + SLDL

Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/6/2004 5:23:05 PM

I finished my workout with 7 negative only reps with 45kg attached. why ? because I missed my work set… I did static for the last one then slowly lower it (when I couldn′t hold it anymore). My technique was not perfect I need to practice negative only reps only the last rep was realy good ! The weight was a little bit too ligt but I′m tired realy tired today and I don′t want to take risk. Next time I′ll use 50kg for 6 good reps ! I think that with so limited volume 1 exercise 1 set per muscle group I can use advanced technique like negative and static hold.

What I did today is 3 warm up sets one missed work set and one negative only set.

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