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Started By HITHopper (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Started on: 1/13/2007 9:20:21 AM, viewed 5200 times
HIThoppers training journal

Hi guys I thought it was about time I dropped a journal in the mix.

I thought it was about time for an experiment, as I find others journals to be very interesting and helpful.

Training History

I was following the consol routine for about two years, I made some great strength gains but i noticed very little mass in return for my efforts,which got me to thinking and most importantly researching.I started to look into this whole dual factor theory thingo and GAS that jeff and some others had been raving on about.I found it very interesting especially on the views in regards to training to failure which I might add I have always done.The two factor theory really explains everything that has happened to me and also what has not happened.Also I learnt alot about diet and the importance of caloric excess.So I began training a little more frequently and eating just a little more food each day and I was still getting stronger much to my surprise as HIT always claimed the opposite would happen.This was a big eye opener.The one area that I never got any stronger in was squatting, I would squat to failure and be wiped, I couldnt do a damn thing for days and my legs still never grew!!! Not good. this really is what lead me to think something is wrong!!! Shit I couldnt possibly be training any harder I would do forced reps, statics and rest pause, anything but still no growth.

Training now

So I researched and read and spent quite alot of time (much to my wifes disgust) on the net reading other forums and websites and put together this little routine as a trial, I guess to see what happens as I never really used anything but HIT.This is the site I really liked and wanted to try. http://bodybuilding.com/fun/core9.htm I changed it up a bit because I dont know some of the exercises and lowered some of the rep ranges to keep intensity(% 1 rep max) high.

Week 1


Barbell bench 3x 5

Pulldowns palms up 3×5

dumbell shoulder press 2×8

Preacher curl 2×8

Tricep pressdown 2×8


Squat 3×5

deadlift 3×5

Calf raise 3×5



BB bench 3×3

Pendlay row 3×5

Dumbell shoulder press 3x 5

barbell curls 3 x 5

Close grip bench 3×5


Squat 3x 3

Deadlift 3×3

Calf raise 3×5

I lift monday tuesday thursday and friday

I will add a set to each exercise on week 2 and then again on week 3 to gradually add volume and be at 5x 5 and 5×3 on seperate days for my main lifts and hopefully get some hypertrophy. I will add weight when i can, and see how long i can progress before i need a deload.I think probably 3-4 weeks but I will see how long i can go as i will not be training to failure.

Deloading will be training 2 times per week on the big 4 ( bench pulldown & squats and deadlifts) for hopefully prs in 1×5. Monday and thursday


I will be starting on 3000 cals per day and be adding about 250 per week.I want to see the scales climbing and ill adjust my intake as i see fit, more if im not gaining, less if its too fast. Ill still follow a balanced diet and eat relatively clean as i gain weight easily and can eat probably 4000 plus calories on clean food easily.

So thats it my little experiment on myself. I want to focus in on hypertrophy and not worry too much(within reason) about strength gains as dammit i wanna be bigger!!

The other thing is Im not bashing HIT in any way shape or form I just wasnt gettin big on it so im gonna try something I really have never tired.If I fail (excuse pun) at least i tried it and ill be better of knowing.

Cheers for reading HIThopper

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HITHopper (Adelaide, SA, Australia) on 1/13/2007 9:24:45 AM

Also any one with any views on this routine please comment I am very curious to get some feedback.


bloodandguts (Alburg, vt, U.S.A.) on 1/13/2007 1:06:04 PM

good luck with your training HIT hopper!

Please keep us posted on your progress as this is the type of stuff I am looking into and reading about as well. I started back at the beginner level so I dont have much advice for you about your routine. If i had one thing to say it would be that doing deads so much every week may be overkill, BUT i dont know what level you′re at and for you it may actually be needed to keep on progressing.

with regards to your squatting problem, I′ll bet that the increased volume and frequency will see you making increases in thigh size real quick. if not, you may want to exchange regular squats for front squats in one of those sessions for a different type of stimulation. But of course, try it "as is" first, then make changes as needed.

you′re right though, you wont know unless you try!!!!!



Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/13/2007 5:59:07 PM

Hello HITHopper. What were your performances after 2 years on the conolidation routine ?

HITHopper (Adelaide, SA, Australia) on 1/14/2007 1:05:33 AM

Thanks for the well wishes guts.Best of luck to you aswell : ) I thought the same with the deadlifts but ill see how i go.

I thought id post my prs for reference sake

All lifts were as of my last HIT workout To complete failur), they are pretty low but thats how it is for me unfortunately.

Deadlift 102.5kg for 4 reps

Squat smith machine style 45kg for 5 reps (I lowered the weight considerably when I realized I was using poor form)

Barbell Bench press 55kgs 5 reps

Palms Up Pulldowns 111kgs for 7 reps

All lifts are done at my home gym as I train at home and are performed slowly and deliberately with no bouncing. I know smith machine squats arent ideal but i dont have a power rack or the money to buy one yet so for now the smith is probably safer.

I took measurements the first week before I started this routine and will be measuring every sunday.Ill post results probably at the end of my first cycle and compare before and after.But like I said if in 3 or 4 weeks im still making linear progress ill just stay with it until I stop.

With my first week of training out the way I took some measurements today and had slight increases on all of my bodyparts I didnt hit failure at any point this week and I actually feel great.I definately notice a change in my thighs and hams as they look thicker and even feel a little harder, my wife even commented on them too so hopefully i have taken a step in the right direction.

Cant wait for week 2 I wanna train now!!!!!!!!!

Cheers HIThopper

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