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Started By Heavy_Duty_HITman (Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.)

Started on: 5/13/2009 6:56:54 PM, viewed 473 times
HDHITman′s Heavy Duty Journal

Daron Marshall

Entry 5/13/09

Here is my training split it is from HD1

WO1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

WO2: Back, Biceps

WO3: Legs, Abs

My current diet, is the Get Lean First program as created by John Heart(www.intenseheart.com). John Heart is the 2001 Natural Mr. Universe and Heavy Duty trainer and trainee. He was also hired by Joanne Sharkey herself to do one on one Heavy Duty Training in California. You can learn more about him at his website which I have included.

I follow the cadence of 424 all all exercises that give me resistance in the contracted position, and all other exercises I use a 414 or 404. I will also be later incorporating some form of extreme stretching into my program, but it will be in a different manner then described by DC(Doggcrapp) practitioners.

I will be entering information into this journal as I would my own, is similar to how Mike Mentzer did his in journal from entries that I found in his book the Heavy Duty Journal.

WO1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

All sets carried to at least momentary muscular failure.

Date of Workout 5/12/09


Cable Crossover (1×6-10) 35/6

supersetted with

Decline Press (1×6-8) 185/2/1

Nautilus Bench Press (1×3-5) 185/3

Machine Laterals (1×6-10) 70/6

supersetted with

Nautilus Shoulder Press NG (1×6-8) 115/4

Tricep Pressdown (1×6-10) 50/8

supersetted with

Dips (1×3-5) 184/3

Tricep Ext (1×6-8) 65/6

Weight at Beginning of Workout: 207.0lbs

Soreness Level (1-10) 0

Energy Level (1-10) 7

Other: Slight Headache

Total time of workout including warm-ups: 23:10

With this split I am doing 3 warm-ups light, moderate, heavy on the largest muscle, then 2 moderate, heavy and I do 1 heavy on the last body part. So with this workout I did 3 for chest using the decline press and did 2 on the Nautilus Shoulder Press, and did 1 on the dips for triceps.

Any questions, ideas, or critques let me know.


The Heavy Duty HITman

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Heavy_Duty_HITman (Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.) on 5/18/2009 1:17:45 PM

5/17/09 Workout 2 Back, Biceps

Straight Arm Pulldown 50/7

supersetted with

Hammer Strength Underhand Pulldown 130/6

Bent-over Rows 115/7

Underhand Cable Rows 100/6

Deadlifts 315/5

Scott Curls 55/5 I did short 4-8in partials in three differents places along the ROM after postive failure 1st in near bottom 2nd in the 90 degree elbow postition and 3rd in the contracted postition and boy it is a hell of pump and I am feeling it today.

Weight at beginning 207.8lbs

Soreness Level (1-10) 0

Energy Level (1-10) 6 lack of sleep

Time: 34:30 minutes

Alternations to above program

I am going to switch the Straight Arm Pullovers with DB Pullovers because of the SAP I feel as the weights increase on this the more I use the Long Head of the Triceps too much. Also with the DB Pullovers I will get some indirect effect for my chest especially the clavicular muscles of the upper pecs(pectoralis minor). The second change I am going to make is instead of full deads I am going to switch too rack deads instead they better isolate the lumbar muscles of the lower back better and with using this tweak of the HD1 routine and using the GLF diet program of John Heart′s and only eating 1500 cals a day I just dont have the energy for them and the recovery ability for it either that is an exercise for a man eating like there is no tomorrow. Everyone give me feed back and advice especially you Mike.

That is all for now


The Heavy Duty HITman

Heavy_Duty_HITman (Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.) on 5/22/2009 7:20:14 PM

Legs: 5/22/09

Sissy Squat 50/12

supersetted with

Front Squat 115/8

Leg Press (negative accenuated0 200/12

Leg Curl 60/11

Seated Calf Raise 40/12

supersetted with

Calf Extension 60/11

Weight: 207.4lbs

Soreness Level (1-10) 0

Energy Level (1-10) 7

Time: 23:29

The Quad Pre-ex was brutal because it was a pure supersett I set up both smith machine with the loads I was going to use and it just smoked my ass I was sweating all over and the few people in the gym were in awe. The Sissy Squat is a far better exercise I think then the leg extension I felt the exercise all the way the teardrop area to the insertion point in my hips. Made it hard to operate my car when I left the gym. I think with the research I have been reading saying the front squat is superior to the back squat and the fact that I feel the squat and leg press more in my glutes, hamstrings the lower quads more I think I will do better to keep the front squat and dump the other exercises. Also the leg press and sqat with not having a wide shoulders, and having lack luster ankle flexibility these exercises are not producing the development in my legs that I would like. So guys give me your advice and critiques and let me know if you think I am going in the right direction. With the research that I am doing it is all in the hopes to reduce volume in each workout but still get the greatest bang for my buck in the strength and size department so I looking to find the ultimate exercises for each muscle group.

Thanks guys hope you like, top this workout


The Heavy Duty HITman

Meucci (., Skåne, Sweden) on 5/23/2009 6:59:50 AM

IMHO , I think that you are doing a bit too much with the pre-exhaustion sets.

Eating 1500 calories a day is not enough since your weight is about 207 pounds ( ca: 94 kg ).

My recommendations are :

that you should do the compound movements first and then the isolation ones , if you deem it necessary , and that you eat some more.

You wrote ( 5/18/2009 ) that your energy level was 6 out of 10 due to a lack of sleep ;

If you have trouble sleeping I recommend that you eat a large protein meal together with some good carbs and some good fat about an hour before you go to bed.

The amino acid Tryptophan (can be found in , e.g : beef , eggs , poultry , nuts , milk , tofu and seafood) affects the body in that way that it can fall into sleep much easier.

Heavy_Duty_HITman (Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.) on 5/24/2009 7:52:46 PM

I can see your concern but if you have read the previous posts also I am following the Get Lean First program by John Heart (Heavy Duty Trainer), so the baseline caloric intake for my body size is 1500 and each week I add 200 cal to that baseline until I am losing no more then 3 lbs per week, and I get a cheat meal every Sunday dinner and I eat til I am full and it is whatever I want this reloads my metabolism. The second comment I am a Heavy Duty trainee and I use pre-ex alot. But every 4th cycle I drop the pre-ex and just do straight sets for the remaining compound exercises. Also if you are looking at my numbers they are going up even though I am at a reduced calorie diet. If you have read The Body By Science the authors talk about a study that you can put on mass even in a starvation responce as long as you give the body a high intensity stimulus, ie a high intensity training workout.

Thanks for you reply, and I hope I have explained myself thoroughly


The Heavy Duty HITman

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