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Started By rajneesh_10 (NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA)

Started on: 10/19/2006 10:54:49 AM, viewed 218 times
Jefferson squat


For people training at home , do you think the jefferson squat is a good alternative to the regular squat?

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HDLED (Lansing, MI, USA) on 10/25/2006 6:15:16 PM

No, the Jefferson squat is not a good alternative to regular squatting. Your spine is in a twisted position as you are lifting the weight. They place abnormal stresses on the spine.

rajneesh_10 (NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA) on 10/26/2006 7:43:57 AM

What if u train at home with no squat rack etc. and you can handle much more poundage with Jefferson sqt?

HDLED (Lansing, MI, USA) on 10/26/2006 9:07:17 PM

Lack of equipment is no reason to risk serious injury. Squat racks can be built from wood 4"x4"s or welded from metal. People have also used chain to suspend a barbell from floor joists, or ceiling rafters, to "catch" the barbell in the bottom position of the squat.

You could also make the deadlift your primary leg exercise. Just make sure you keep your head up, eyes looking upward, and your low back arched at all times. Stop slightly short of touching the barbell to the ground in the bottom position of the lift as there is a tendency for the low back muscles to relax and leave you susceptible to an injury.

It makes absolutely no sense to become injured in an attempt to improve one′s health.

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