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Started By HD4MASS (anywhere, anywhere, anywhere)

Started on: 10/19/2003 6:54:10 PM, viewed 7037 times
New Program From Val

Hey Guys , I spoke to Val this morning for one hour and twentyfive minutes, and he has put me on a new program, although I cannot tell you the new program, for this is how Val makes money, I am very excited to give it a go! I will do my best to keep you posted on the changes that come from the new program, I can share with you now that I did my first workout this afternoon and the pump is unbelieveable!!! There is a burning that goes on inside the muscle that is beyond words, it takes alot of concentration to stick it out thru the pain, it is so cool( the pain that is ), I absolutly loved it and one of the best parts is I did NOT get sick after the workout! I still had a little of what I call the hangover, but overall I feel great!!!!


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HD4MASS (anywhere, anywhere, anywhere) on 10/19/2003 9:09:03 PM

I know it is early in the process but I just wanted to let you guys know, it has been 5 hours since the first workout and I am still pumped !!!!!!!!!!


Buffed (stockholm, 4567, sweden) on 10/20/2003 4:01:30 AM

OK….you don´t want to share your program…but con you tell us what you changed in general, frequency, more sets and stuff like this……come on , if you said A you have to say B 🙂

Golgo13 (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) on 10/20/2003 12:17:57 PM

Ever I started HIT in the early 90′s following Elington Darden′s instruction, I have noticed a "pump" that lasts for 2 days on average.

– Duke Togo

HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 10/21/2003 10:39:24 AM

Massman I agree with Buffed.

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