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Started By nbusetti (Bunbury, WA, Australia)

Started on: 2/14/2007 7:21:00 AM, viewed 1466 times
My Frustration

Hey Everyone,

I have been trying out the Athelte′s routine since November of last year and have never done more then 2 workout′s in a row.

I keep getting fleu sympton′s and then usally have to rest 2 weeks before begining my training again. And the reason is that I do laboring work in a warehouse. I use a pedometer and average around 13km a day, as well as lifting all the heavy stuff. Quite taxing on my energy levels.

I have a well balanced diet as I have counted everything and made sure I get the right ratio′s but I guess I am one of the unlucky one′s who have to hypercaustously regulate my training.

Is there anyone who has experienced setbacks like this. Right now I am finely chopping a lob of garlic to assist in my healing each day.

And when I go back to my workout′s I am reluctant to increase the poundages as I dont want to injury myself and it seems I never improve my strength but then again I am not in an ideal situaltion for this theory of high intensity training to be productive.

Any thoughts


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Absofsteel77 (Leicester, Leicestershire, UK) on 2/14/2007 8:02:25 AM

when you say you never do two workouts in a row, what do you mean?

Jeff (Toronto, M5T, Canada) on 2/14/2007 9:37:12 AM

Try a different method for gaining strength and muscle mass.


Absofsteel77 (Leicester, Leicestershire, UK) on 2/14/2007 3:54:59 PM

to tell you the truth Jeff without knowing the full story regarding his workout experiences its a bit presuptous to just sweepingly tell him to totally disregard one aspect of training, it might not have worked for you but lets give other people a chance to really try it… after all thats why he′s posted on this forum on this website

nbusetti (Bunbury, WA, Australia) on 2/15/2007 4:34:40 AM

Hey Abs of Steel,

Thanks for the reply

What I was trying to say is I do workout A one week and then workout B the next week and then I seem to come down with some flu like syptom some time after which suspends me until I feel properly recovered which sometimes take me 2 weeks to feel right. Looking at my workout charts they are averaging 2 or even longer weeks between workouts. And the problem is I actually dont feel stronger to add weight even though I have had an extended rest period. I usally maintain the same weight with the same reps again.Mike said you come back stronger.

It′s such a pest but then again my daily work is not helping me too much but even then I am only doing 2 sets per workout and it was geared towards the active athelte I thought.

For instance I average around 16000 steps at work which equates to around 13.7km a day depending sometimes it′s higher. The pedometer gives calories which is ranging from 700 up to 900 calories burned just at work. So there is a big hole in my recovery there but that does not count the lifting of products etc. Until I can afford a Polar watch that is all the info I can give.

Just to point out to Jeff I have tried many methods before and the volume approach does not work for me as I end up overtrained very quickly. I know High Intensity Training on this site has a few people not liking it, but I just want to give it a proper chance.


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