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Started By stu (falkirk, central, united kingdom)

Started on: 4/5/2004 7:50:42 AM, viewed 1349 times
something bugging me

As much a HIT interest me, training for naturals is more important, hence my respect for brawn/hardgainer teachings as these relate to the buyt family man with a normal job ,restricted, training hours, average earnings.Not some IFBB pro, which mentzer was.This concens me,did mike really understand that his training for cllients was for natural or steroid users/family men/full time shift workers with not perfect eating or sleeping/wealthy folk/I mean did he ask them which category they where.If not this is not good.It disapoints me to think that mike was a steroid user.I respect those teachers/writers that have lifestyles similar to me, so I can really relate to their training/expected gains/shortcomings/family crisis, etc.

So did mike advise naturals/family guys/shift workers etc different methods from single men in their 20′s with time for sleep/ always eating every 3 hours, exact balanced meals etc.

Was he embarresed about not being able to say yeah my teachings will work cos I am natural with low incomed/ not able to eat 6 perfect meals a day/family reponsiblitites and hectic lifestyles, like you which would be a lie.l

This is the main problem i ahve with mike versus Stuart Mcrobert of brawn." similar teachings, but one trainer relates more to my past,lifestyle/future etc than the other.Any genuine comments ,all with respect.I am sure there are people like me out there especially in the United Kingdom, in the big cities on low incomes.

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stu (falkirk, central, united kingdom) on 4/5/2004 8:06:37 AM

Just to add this is a very truthfull statement.Many friends i know weight train, but are not 18 living with their folks,with money for supplemets,prime chicken breasts,lean beef, whey protein etc.Theyarefamily men, who eat at family meal times, have rent to pay, long shifts, stressfull jobs,children,lower tesoterone.

I do try to break from this, buy eating differently from others, slepping longer, trying to organise training sessions , babysitters, keeping money back for qaulity protein all adds up to dificulties.

There must be lots out there who feel that althogh bodybuilding is not just a sport like tennis, golf, it is a lifestyle that needs all parts to work in harmony every day, every week for years.

What is the point you ask.Well the point is realist training for the normal man with all his difficulties.

can you say that Mentzer took all these thoughts into consideration when advising and writing.

Again only Stuart mcrobert can realate to me.Hence chapters in his books on the real world training for the normal man.And all the irregularities and distractions that have to be put up with whilst trying to improve ones body.

What where his views on these extremely important aspects of bodybuilding.

Zeus (HIT, Mike, Sweden) on 4/5/2004 10:46:51 AM

I wont go into deep on this subject. Let me just say one thing:

You don´t have to worry about that part!

As Mike said many times, as soon as your workout is over, GET A HELL OUT OF THERE! He didn´t want you in the gym more then necessary because you only grow when resting. This give you plenty of time being a good family father/husband!

Be well, train hard and think smart!

NeuroMass (HIT, Mike, Sweden, Philippines) on 4/5/2004 10:03:45 PM


I don′t think you have READ about Mike′s HD/HIT theory (HD2) if you did then I believe you haven′t UNDERSTOOD the Fundamantal PRINCIPLES behind it ! This is the FIRST TIME I′ve heard a person COMMENTING on how TIME CONSUMING HD/HIT can be ! In ALL cases I′ve encountered it′s the otherway around. The fact is MOST VOLUME TRAINERS and some HIT advocates are VERY AGRESSIVELY against Mike′s HD/HIT theory because it recommends a VERY LOW volume and too many rest days in between workouts. They cannot SWALLOW the fact that you can actually GAIN OPTIMUM RESULTS with that kind of training. I cannot recall a training PROGRAM that is lesser than 3-5 sets per workout once every 6 days as recommended by MIke. If that is TIME CONSUMING enough for you then I don′t know what else can you do because EVERYTHING else out there requires you to do MORE volume and FREQUENCY. Even Stuart McRobert′s routines have MORE VOLUME and FREQUENCY compared to HD/HIT. Mike′s HD/HIT is the most EFFICIENT, MOST RATIONAL and MOST EFFECTIVE training theory out there PERIOD.

Yes Mike was once an IFBB pro Bodybuilder. So what ? What does that have to do with his Training Theory ? He created his HIT theory base on SCIENTIFIC facts and sound LOGIC not on his REPUTATION. In fact if your critically analyze every workout program out there you will find that only the HD/HIT theory is non-contradictory, SENSIBLE Scientifically proven and can EXPLAIN clearly all it′s application in a LOGICAL and OBJECTIVE way. Friend I suggest you get the book HD2, read it and UNDERSTAND it and I gurantee you′ll be pleased with the results you′ll get both in MIND and BODY. PEACE.

kdill (wilmington, de, U.S.A.) on 4/6/2004 1:42:14 PM


You metnion in your previous post that HD had been scientifically proven, could you provide a reference? Logical I′ll agree with. Clearly explained, I′ll agree with, but I′ve never found any scientific refence or study in any journal that used HD. Most scientific study on strength training that has used single set protocols, have used routines that more resemble Jones/Darden, than MM.

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