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Started By WeeIanI (Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland)

Started on: 8/5/2004 11:12:39 AM, viewed 8875 times
Total Body Routine

Has anyone ever experimented with one workout for the whole body applying HTI principals. I am aware of the overlapping factor but was thinking along the lines of compound exercises and maybe leaving out the pre exhaust, say incline presses, press behind the neck, squats, deadlifts, lat pulldowns. Any thoughts? Anyone tried anything similar?

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Garrett (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A.) on 8/5/2004 4:08:50 PM

Hey WeeianNI,

I haven′t tried a full body routine using HIT pincipals but I have used a full body routine for Max Contraction Training. M.C.T uses 1 set per bodypart and only uses peak contraction exercises where you would hold the weight in only the peak contraction postion with maximal weights for 1-6 sec. and the results are amazing to say the least! I think a full body routine would be just as productive if you took enough rest days as it would be doing a split routine. I perfer the split routine so I′m not as exhausted doing a full body routine than by just training 2 muscle groups once every 4 days. Doing a full body routine would take a lot out of you immune system and would need to take a while off training before training your whole body again, mabe train once a week or once every week and a half or 2 weeks. Hope I helped, GOOD LUCK!

WeeIanI (Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland) on 8/6/2004 5:30:47 AM

Cheers Garrett, was thinkin of a full body routine with 1 full weeks rest between sessions. Think I′ll give it a go and see, after all trail and error seems to be the best way!

Garrett (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A.) on 8/6/2004 4:10:37 PM

Hey WeeianNI,

Yeah, your right, trial and error is the best way to learn what′s best for your body. Good luck in your training and write back on how your doing!

Honk (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A., Illinois, U.S.A.) on 8/10/2004 9:53:19 AM

I have been doing a full body routine with HD. I do one exercise per body part, I do one set to failure with a fairly quick cadence (but with good form), I then cut the weight in half and take just enough time to recover and then I do a super slow set to failure. I do this with each exercise and have been getting good gains. So, I am doing one exercise per body part, two sets per exercise every 4-7 days. I will increase the days off and or start doing a split when progess stops. Full body routines are nice to have in the workout tool box!


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