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Started By Dan_ur_man (scunthorpe, dn16 3la, United Kingdom)

Started on: 4/9/2004 10:30:27 AM, viewed 685 times
Breathing properly

I have always practised breathing out through the mouth on the positive and in through the nose on the negative and kept it constant throughout the movement. However I have recently slowed my cadence, to 4-5 seconds on the raising of a weight 4-5 the lowering and holding in the contracted position depending on the exercise for either as long as i can or for a distinct pause. Now obviously in the contracted position if im holding it aslong as I can, im not going to be able to constantly exhale air constantly inhale for say 10 seconds and it would seem wrong to hold one′s breath due to the possiblity of sky-rocketing the blood pressure, so it must be ok to breathe normally in the contracted position as I have been doing ?

Also due to the slow down in my cadence I have found it taxing constantly inhaling on the negative and constantly exhaling on the positive. Is this because of poor cardiovascular condition or is my breathing technique wrong ?

I would be grateful for anyone has any advice to offer on this topic as seems to be a very overlooked subject.

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NeuroMass (scunthorpe, dn16 3la, United Kingdom, Philippines) on 4/9/2004 8:48:00 PM

When you do SLOW reps as in 4/2/4 you should NEVER hold your breath. You should BREATHE CONTINOUSLY by opening the air ways (mouth) and concentrating on BLOWING air out. I even have a technique that can be useful for tracking the CADENCE. IF let say the positive rep requires 4 seconds I blow out (exhale through the mouth) 4-5 times. I think the SUPERSLOW method of breathing is the BEST for SLOW rep execution. PEACE.

Dan_ur_man (scunthorpe, dn16 3la, United Kingdom) on 4/10/2004 11:08:55 AM

Thanks for the advice.

One more thing totally off the subject to anyone out there, can PRE-EXHAUST be used in an either or fasion ? For example could you do say a set of squats, immediately followed by a set of leg extensions as opposed to vice versa.

NeuroMass (scunthorpe, dn16 3la, United Kingdom, Philippines) on 4/10/2004 9:42:06 PM


What you had described is what is called POST-EXHAUST Supersets. Pre-exhaust is always done with an ISOLATION exercise first then immediately followed by a compound exercise. PEACE.

Dan_ur_man (scunthorpe, dn16 3la, United Kingdom) on 4/11/2004 5:12:43 AM

Does it have the same effect as PRE-exhaust ?

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