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Started By manzanilla (los angeles, ca, U.S.A.)

Started on: 5/6/2005 9:14:43 PM, viewed 1377 times
how often should i train

ive been training hit now for about 2 months and i really do like it i love how i dont feal worn out like i did when training high volume. ive been following the book hit training the mike mentzer way where i do chest back one day then rest like 5 days and then train legs rest 5 days than train shoulders and arms rest 5 days and hit legs again im just wondering if this is correct because it sure takes a long time to hit my whoke upper body and im wondering if its enough.

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smanjh (somewhere in, the USA, U.S.A.) on 5/6/2005 9:57:09 PM

Hey, welcome aboard. You can answer that question very easily by asking yourself this, "Am I getting stronger from workout to workout?" Also, you say you are not warn out, that concerns me a little bit, because if you go to absolute failure, you should be somewhat tired, not the ′I just ran a marathon′ tired, but you should feel somewhat wrecked when it is over with.

Well, let us know from your journal the progress you have made with weights and reps, and I am sure we can do our best to guide you.

sesame180 (Kannayao, Bangkok, Thailand) on 5/8/2005 1:20:16 AM

all wokout don′t match for everybody .some routine from champions must match for advance bodybuilder.i think you′re beginner that should to training basic such as chest shoulder triceps on the first day ,back biceps on the second day , leg and calf on the third day.rest on the fourth day.and repeat the first day .

this is my opion .you should to learn the best way for your body.


smanjh (somewhere in, the USA, U.S.A.) on 5/8/2005 4:56:12 PM

Yeah, if you are a complete beginner, do a few more sets, because you are not strong enough to overtrain, and you are not used to working out with excersises yet, so you must build the ability to use intensity at it′s fullest. I know guys that have been training for years and they have no clue on how to go to failure, they stop when the pain gets really bad. You should go to hell and back on your one set, and you should be totally destroyed after the workout.

What happens is guys claim the CNS causes failure, which it does in the case of those who do not go to total failure. There is failure, then there is FAILURE, big difference.

Jeff (Toronto, M5T, Canada) on 5/8/2005 11:03:01 PM

The reason why you don′t feel destoryed after your workout is because your conditioning is still good from doing high volume, and you′re probably not strong enough to really destroy yourself yet. As you get stronger, and do low volume for a while, your strength increases will lead to more intensity, and your conditioning will go down, which will make your workouts seem more challenging.

This was the same thing that happened to me when I first started HD. The workouts were really easy at the beginning, and then as my strength increased and my conditioning got worse, the workouts became much more difficult to do. Now the oposite is true…I′m adding more volume slowly, and the workouts are becoming easier to do. Now doing just three sets in a workout sound much easier than it did a month ago.

Bottom line is, I wouldn′t be concerned that you don′t feel tired at the end of the workout. Just pay attention to gaining strength and if your conditioning decreases, you′ll feel more tired after the workout. And if you want to, try working out more often and monitor your progress. If you still progress at the same rate, stick with it until your progress slows. If you can gain 2 reps per workout, but workout twice as often, you′ll progress twice as fast. If you can′t do so, then you′re reached your limit. Only you′ll know if it′s right for your recovery abilities.


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