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Started By El.Mac (UK, UK, UK)

Started on: 1/22/2008 7:37:55 AM, viewed 651 times
Speed and amount of reps.

On exercises, what tempo should I use and how many reps should I work up to before increasing the weight.

At the moment, 20 reps for lower body and 10 reps for upper body.

How many reps should I perform on these specific exercises before increasing weight.



Pull up?


I also train to positive failure on each.

Although I don′t perform deadlifts at the moment as I′m unsure what tempo and rep range to use.

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hduty2 (New Port Richey, Florida, U.S.A.) on 1/22/2008 12:25:25 PM

Hi El.Mac,

For the squat and deadlift, it is just a controlled movement, you dont have to concentrate on any cadance, rather contol. For the Pullup, it should be a deliberate movement, 4 2 4 works well, I personally fall into 3 2 4 cadance on these. 3 seconds up, hold for 2, 4 seconds down. For the dip, start at the top, 4 down, slight prestrech on the pecs and approximately 3 seconds to the top of the movement, do not stop at the bottom of this movement. You can do a quick contraction but in reality it is a supported position and no hold is necessary. As for reps, Upper I prefer 6, when I get 8 or better, i.e. 10, I increase the weight to bring me or my clients back to the 6 rep range.

Lower body is different, 8-16 is my choice, once you hit 16 or better, increase the weight. The difference between 8 reps and 10 reps is not much nor is it between 16 and 20. I have had clients that could not even get close to 20 reps, and tended to make better progress with the lower reps for legs.

Deads I personally would never go over 7 and usally stay between 5-7. The back is a very sensitive item and too many reps, in my opinion, contribute to an unstability in that area.

So 8 -10 Reps upper, 8-16 lower, 5-7 for deadlifts for the best strength and muscular gains is my recommendation.

Best Regards,

Bill Sahli


Nilbert_Rafer (Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines) on 1/22/2008 6:35:10 PM

On speed: do what′s "comfortably slow" for yourself.

On reps: hit weights that you can do a minimum of 6 reps. Anything beond 15 reps, add more weight.

El.Mac (UK, UK, UK) on 1/23/2008 4:58:04 AM

Many Thanks Guys.

El.Mac (UK, UK, UK) on 1/23/2008 4:59:52 AM


How much would you increase the weight, each time you hit your target?



Pull ups?



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