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Started By MrHeavyDutynz (New plymouth, 4800, new zealand)

Started on: 7/1/2005 1:48:45 AM, viewed 1958 times
sus 250 and eth-test 100

gear is dam hard to get in nz without saling ya car first,lol

i got 5x 1ml amples of sus250 and 100mls of eth-test 100mg pre ml,and i going to use it!

im 95 kg ive comped before and train hit,for over 5 yrs now,

Do i use it all in one long stack or over two gos???,.im dieting now to get some cuts first so i can eat big when i go into gear mode,to get more muscle,i have being 105kg at 5,8ft befor,but smooth

any ideas on using this lot together with what ive got??

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BigTav (Sydney, NSW, Australia) on 7/1/2005 7:36:12 AM

Mate, you really need to go and get some books. If you think you are going to use 100mls in one go then you are VERY green to all of this. Do Not Use IT!!! Also it it not ideal to use only test in a cycle. On this board is probably not the best place to ask. Try elitefitness.com.

I will try and help you if only if you first do some research. How old are you?

MrHeavyDutynz (New plymouth, 4800, new zealand) on 7/3/2005 2:23:07 PM

yes,ya right,im not a gear user,like most ausies,as i said,its hard to get,so,test or what ever.thx for all ya help

Dr._Squat (Austin, TX, U.S.A.) on 7/5/2005 8:42:14 AM

Big Tav is right. Research is the key to safer steroid use. Also what kind of Post Cycle Therapy do you have set up? If you dont have stuff for PCT dont start your cycle. Be patient, do research and you can get big safely. But I disagree with Big Tav on one thing, a test only cycle is great for a beginner. I recommend 500mg of test split into two different shots per week. Do like a Mon, Thurs shot and you′ll get signifigant gains on just test. But research research research first. A few good sites are www.spotinjections.com, www.pinz.com, and the steroid and hardcore section at www.getbig.com. Get big and be safe

BigTav (Sydney, NSW, Australia) on 7/6/2005 6:48:46 AM

1000mg of Test for a beginner!!!! NO F*CKING WAY!!! That is the absolute worst advice I have ever heard! NO begginner should use any where near that much. That is just mental. Anyone who really knows about gear would agree with me. Do not do that mate.

PS What do you mean like most Aussies?

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