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Started By ruger (pensacola, fl, U.S.A.)

Started on: 12/1/2008 8:09:50 PM, viewed 1095 times
consolidation routine

Been doing the consolidation routine for 2 months. I′ve made consistent gains on everything except for chin ups. At the start of the routine I gained one rep on chinups (went from 8 to 9 reps), but I have been stuck on 9 for too long. Should I add weight and focus on lower rep ranges or what?

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crazeeJZ (L.A., CA, U.S.A.) on 12/2/2008 1:51:52 AM

Yea, you can add some weight and see if you progress within that rep range. Or you can continue to use your bodyweight and do very slow negatives after you reach failure, and that can stimulate strength gains more. You′re probably not overtraining currently because you′ve been progressing on everything else for 2 months.

il_dottore (Avezzano (AQ), Abruzzo, Italy) on 12/2/2008 2:43:24 AM

May be you′ve gained BW so you haven′t increased reps

HITpadawan (Coventry, CV6, U.K) on 12/2/2008 4:07:11 AM

I think I know what your problem is ruger and it seems fairly common.

According to Arthur Jones, 80% of trainees have a greater number of slow twitch muscle fibres than we do slow, which means that we should workout somewhere between the 9 – 11 rep range. Now it seems to me that in spite of you getting plenty of rest (and I presume all your other lifts havent stalled), 9 reps seems to be the ′max′ that your back muscles will allow you to perform for chins.

Take crazees advice and add a little weight to yourself next time, maybe as little as 5lbs – I guarantee you that you will still get 9 reps, then the next workout add another 5lbs, again you will get 9 reps. Keep this up and your back will grow

HITpadawan (Coventry, CV6, U.K) on 12/2/2008 4:09:35 AM

′80% of trainees have a greater number of slow twitch muscle fibres than we do SLOW′

Sorry, was meant to say FAST!

(for the record, the remaining 20% of trainees will more than likely be the endo-mesomorphic brick laying types in society)

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