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Started By HIT (northwest, wa5, england)

Started on: 4/16/2004 2:53:09 PM, viewed 6233 times
Good article about intensity



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Whodawg (Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.) on 4/16/2004 3:27:04 PM

Interesting. I will be interested in seeing what the physilogist on this board have to say. This stuff is confusing, I was just considering adding rest pause to my routine at sometime. I am starting to think that this is more confusing than what the child raising experts have to say. I will read something a "so called" child expert says about how a child needs to be nurtured, not spanked and to be allowed to express himself and then I will read another expert that′s says childern need boundries and subconsciously crave discipline. That spanking is not only ok, but necessary. Both of the experts make logical sense, but also what they say is excactly opposite from each other. Bodybuilding is the same way. The more I know the more confused I am. I have decided to stick to the basic principles of HD and not get to "cute" with my routine.

HIT (northwest, wa5, england) on 4/16/2004 3:52:52 PM

Hi whodawg,

I have believed for a long time there is no need to add high-intensity techniques below is a post I wrote on way I believe they are not necessary



Whodawg (Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.) on 4/16/2004 4:29:49 PM


Thanks, what you posted makes total sense. Do you consider static holds set extenders? Also, I have read that we can handle up to 40% more weight in the eccentric part of the movement, so I have done negatives every once in a while to work that 40%. Are negatives a set extender? And finally, what are your views on pre-exhuast? Is that a set extender? I have always liked to do flys (pre-exhaust) before dips or incline chest press because I have always felt that my triceps gave out before my pecs reached failure. Then I would get paranoid and do close grip flat bench press as a post-exhaust exercise because I was afraid my triceps did not get enough work because I did flys (pre-exhaust) for my chest and therefore my chest gave out before my triceps reached failure. I have always believed that pre-exhaust, static holds, negatives, and post-exhaust (only when compensating for pre-exhaust) were different from the other advanced techniques. I listed those techniques in the order preference. What do you think?

HIT (northwest, wa5, england) on 4/16/2004 5:36:09 PM


yes I do consider static holds and negatives to be set extenders if done at the end of a set taken to total failure has you have reached failure your job is done you can extend the time at failure and maintain the intensity by continuing to try and lift the wait for up to 10 sec that′s not to say that static′s and negatives do not have there place some one with bad joints could use static′s reps and negatives could be used by some one who was to weak to do positive reps on say dips or chins its a matter of chose if you train to failure in the positive static or negative rep it is 100% effort so 100% intensity you have failed no matter how you do the reps pre-exhaustion reps are again set extenders because you fail the pecs in the first exercise and then you go to another exercise and continue to lift with the now stronger tris and delts doing the work not the pecs they would in my opinion be working less intense I believe the peck-deck after the chest press is a better idea.

here are some more links that may help you decide whether they are productive or not! this is a long standing dispute between some on this site.




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