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Started By Vaines (Canada)

Started on: 10/24/2004 5:35:33 PM, viewed 2723 times
Enoughs, Enough, The Best Protein Powder…

Ok Guys, I just thought i′d make a topic discussing Protein powders. And More specifically which one is the Best. With all those thousands of brands, all claiming to be the best. I am on a Hunt to find the best and highest quality protein powder specifically for REAL gains, people who train high intensity. I train once a week, sometimes less. I feel it is time for me to put on more of that Healthy Powerful Mass.

Whey Protein as we all know is the best for muscle gain, and I believe if we were to choose one it must have high quality whey in it.

My goal with this topic is for us as a HIT investigative team come up with the Absolute Best Protein powder for HITTERS like us.

I am considering getting one, to suppliment me in my full diet in order to get more healthy, more mass, more muscular power.

So please, lets get things started! Start posting whatever you like, that could potentially help me, and many many others on this board. Also, I am trying to figure out the most inexpensive, because I know how expensive these powders can get.

My first inquiry is Whey the most important factor?

The Hunt Is On For The Best Protein Powder for HIT men like us!

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HD4Me (Austin, Texas, U.S.A.) on 10/24/2004 9:22:25 PM

Depends on your application.

Whey has the most bioavailibility and different versions are essentially further and further broken down so it′s easy for those with stomach issues to digest. Whey concentrate is the most widely used and is also the cheapest to obtain.

Generally, if you′re simply supplement a bit of extra protein, whey concentrate is the way to go. Buying direct from a supplier cuts cost and gives you the most options. However, if you′re looking for "specialized" proteins, such as Micellar Casien and Egg White protein, you′re going to get the best price direct from supplier as well. The benefit of these types of protein is a slower rate of digestion, making them ideal for a meal replacement or a "before bed" shake. However, much of the same effect is achieved by combining flaxseed oil with your protein.

The 2 "direct suppliers" I would recommend are:



Service from both are outstanding and you cannot beat the prices.

I hope this helped.


Vaines (Austin, Texas, U.S.A., Canada) on 10/28/2004 12:28:55 AM

Thanks man. I′ll check those out

"in a weider book i read it says the best supplement program to have would be milk powder, vitamin b complex and vitaman c. now that i know milk protein is as good as any other protein supplement im loading up on it"

Thanks STEVO!!

How cheap is it? Is is Drasticly cheaper than regular or name brand protein supliments and powders?

Where Do You buy it?

And most importantly is Milk Protien Really Truly just as effective as any other brand name suppliment…..?

HD4Me (Austin, Texas, U.S.A.) on 10/28/2004 4:08:27 PM

Ok, first off almost all protein is "milk" protein. Again, whey has the highest concentration of amino acids. Milk itself absorbs slower and is better for overnight or times when you′re not going to have a meal for more than a few hours.

Get your mind off of "brand name". They all get their protein from dairy farmers, as they are the source. Let me give you an example: I can get 10 pounds of protein for 20 dollars less from allthewhey than I can from the local store. The savings are huge and the product is superior. There is no one "best" protein: they all have their uses. However, for somone just looking to add protein, whey concentrate is your best bet.

Fuck what weider says. Again, go to the links and educate yourself.

www.trueprotein.com and www.allthewhey.com have more information than you′d ever need about protein.

Vaines (Austin, Texas, U.S.A., Canada) on 10/29/2004 10:09:11 PM

Ok, thanks.

But this Milk Protien I keep hearing about…what about that????

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