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Started By Garrett (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A.)

Started on: 8/5/2004 11:27:29 PM, viewed 2062 times
Charles Poliquin And His BS!

Hey Guys,

Well, as some of you may know my brother did HD for 2 years and stoped making gains and went to a more volume approach. He has been reading a lot of Charles Poliquin′s literature (yeah, a wate of time) and has me read some of his articles that he finds interesting. I′m a objectivist and read the info. and discern what is true and false and stumbled onto something that has some merit to it but as I listen on (Polquin CD) he makes me laugh at his stupidity. He is asked a question: "Charles, what do you think of the concept of stopping sets short of muscular failure?" His (Charles P.) answer: "Now a days people are advocating it, and in my opinion it′s HOGWASH. He goes on to say, "that with the latest scientific research (he means the research with programs that actually work) the one thing that they all have in common is training to absolute momentary muscular on the last rep of a set…." What I don′t get is why would you advocate going to failure on a set and then put up a program like German Volume Training which is sub-maximal on ALL SETS? This guy is truly amazing in how contradictory he is, I′m surprised everyone hasn′t caught on yet!

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Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 8/6/2004 6:16:47 AM

"This guy is truly amazing in how contradictory he is, IŒm surprised everyone hasnŒt caught on yet!"

Yes Poliquin has said everything and his contrary ! One time he believe in low reps, later high reps, then you must go to failure, after that going to failure might lead quickly to overtraining and so on.

Garrett (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A.) on 8/6/2004 6:18:43 PM

Hey Vincent,

Yeah, your absolutely right! I just don′t get how so many people can be influenced by Charles P. and not see all of his contradictory statements. I guess they believe he is infallable so they just go along with everything he writes about as if its gold. One other thing I don′t get is why Ironman Mag. put Charles P. feelings about Mike Mentzer in an article soon after Mike′s death. Ironman Mag. got a lot of professional bodybuilders and people who knew Mike well in an article giving their feelings about Mike′s passing and they put Charles P. in their as if he was Mike′s best friend! It′s like getting your worst enemy to talk about you at your funeral, you know its not going to be kind words but hateful statements. Poliquin said, " The problem was that even though he brought a fresh outlook on training, his views were rather limited by his lack of understanding of basic physiology." Most people should have the respect of not putting stuff like that in an article about Mike′s death!

MikeMentzerWasGod! (-, -, Europe) on 8/7/2004 10:05:08 AM

Yes, Poliquin is extreme bulls**tter! CNS doesn′t need any changes, all kind of shock training is totally ridiculous. How educated top coaches around the world recommend such hogwash! Those Westside Bullsh**tters with their continually changing exercises are totally lost. Those poor souls believe that CNS of top lifters adjusts to certain stimulation in 1-6 session…ha ha! Russian and Bulgarians with their rep and set waves are pathetic and utterly illogical! Light sessions, peaking cycles, never going to failure! I just dropped of my chair because I am laughing here so loudly! Those Igors and Sergeis may have researched a lot but they still don′t know anything in comparison to Mighty Mike Mentzer! You should always do the same exercises, same sets, same reps and always to failure then that CNS doen′t get confused. CNS is very irrelevant thing in strength training, therefore Mike never mentioned it!

MikeMentzerWasGod! (-, -, Europe) on 8/7/2004 10:58:04 AM

I had to come back here to laugh, because my wife thinks I went crazy! Golgi Tendon, synaptic facilitation, sarcomers, energetic theory, rate coding, discharge frequency…WUUH HAH-HAH! From where in heck those volumists find their funny terms?! Not from Ayn Rand for sure! AAH HAH…! I feel I can′t control my some friggin CNS any more! HUUUH HAH HAH!

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