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Started By jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.)

Started on: 12/11/2003 11:15:41 PM, viewed 7886 times
Advanced Techniques

hey guys,

Just wanted to hear everyone′s opinion on all the different advanced techniques. When to incorporate them, how, which ones you use, which ones haven′t helped, which ones have, maybe your favorites in order, etc.


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Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada) on 12/11/2003 11:25:00 PM


I used to do negatives, negative accentuated, super slow, etc. In the past every one of them worked. Since I started training this way I find that I don′t need them.

I just do the last rep real hard. That′s it , that′s all…

jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 12/12/2003 12:40:17 AM

For me it was forced reps, hyper (I always called it forced negatives), partials, 21′s.


NeuroMass (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A., Philippines) on 12/12/2003 2:11:00 AM

In my opinion other than the regular rep performance(4/2/4 , 2/4 , 10/10) the only LEGITIMATE Advanced Techiques for increasing stress (intensity of contraction) in the muscle is SCT and PURE Negative training to failure . All the others are just set extention techniques . I beleive that you can only train with a mximum of 100 % effort(intensity) no more . If after reaching failure you still perform another set or reps (as in forced reps) which is an impossibility without changing some varaibles then you are not INCREASING the intensity you are merely EXTENDING the set either by lowering the weight slightly or by assistance which in my book bares no difference . As I always beleive that drop(decending) sets and forced reps are one and the same . The former is done by decreasing the weight on the succeding set to extend the set while the latter is by DECREASING the weight through ASSISTANCE to add an additional rep or 2 . PEACE .

HIT (northwest, wa5, england) on 12/12/2003 10:53:43 AM

Hi guys,

good post Jim, and very good response from NeuroMass. I will add this, it only my opinion but it should make you think! I don′t believe that SCT or pure Negatives increase the stress or the intensity of an exercise. Mike has said in is book HDII the body has three levels of strength, positive,static, and negative, and you can use this to increase the intensity of your workout. Which I believe is not true, if you use 150lb on the Pulldowns to positive failure, then you have used 100% effort, as you no longer can move the weight to complete a full rep, (I believe in pulling agents the weight for a few seconds or part reps i.e. 3/4 1/2 1/4 reps till the weight can not be moved from the starting position true failure sends a strong message for the need for growth) but then to switch from lifting, to holding the weight in the contracted position, is again extending the set, as the body is capable of hold a lot more than it can left, it finds the static contraction very easy at first, and the intensity of effort is actually reduced. Its like performing a second set, so you now hold the weight to the point where the static set requires 100% effort again and you then fail in the static portion of the set (the second set), its not that you have reduced the weight like in a drop set its that you have used a stronger position, the full contracted position, so you have reduced the intensity as the body is able to hold more weight in this position, so it is the same as continuing with positive reps with a reduced weight. If you use static or negative reps you will still fail when you are utilizing 100% of your functional ability, as it is relative you give your self the impression that you are training harder because more weight is used or that same weight is used for longer, but because the body is stronger in the static rep or negative rep it is the same, you will fail at 100% effort its just a matter of chose to which you use, they will all bring about the same response and improvement in one is improvement in another, improve positive reps and you static and negative strength will improve, it one in the same its all 100% effort!. If you use more weight in the negative its because the rep is easier, your not lifting agents gravity, you are lowering of-course you can lower more than you can left as proof of this some beginners cant do positive dips but they can do negatives because they are easer and after doing negatives for a while they can then do positive rep with dips as they get stronger, you are creating the illusion of training harder because you are using heavier weight, but you are not training harder you will still fail at 100% effort.You can choose positive static′s negatives you will fail at 100% effort in each its a matter of chose, but if you add static′s or negatives at the end of a positive failure set you are extending the set, train to failure in ether pos,static,or neg, style and you will have utilized 100% effort, and that is all that is needed. You use less weight in the positive rep because it is the weakest action of the muscle or put another way its harder to lift than resist! and its easier to lower than hold! its not that they allow more weight to be used so they are more productive, they allow more weight because they are easier!, so because they are easier you add more weight, and that makes you believe they are more productive, when its all relative you will fail when you have utilized 100% of you fictional ability. You only kid your self if you change a variable within a set like going from lifting to holding the weight, and then say that is an increase in intensity because it is the exact opposite! it reduces intensity! and prolongs the set with unnecessary inroad!.



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