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Started By skorpio (naples, italy, EC)

Started on: 8/31/2009 7:55:52 AM, viewed 302 times
bench press = triceps press ????

I took a month off training because elbow infiamatory (not related to weights but because of powercasting), friday my elbow size looked normal so I went to my cave 🙂

so I did a good warm up, then decided to use a sort of superslow cadence (15sec negative,2 sec positive) with lighter weights to preserve my right elbow from heavy presses…

used 60 kg (130ish lb) on the barbell, flat bench press, have to say that first reps were a joke, but then ss started to work, did 120′ TUL , racked the barbell for 10 sec and did other 2 reps.

well, I was really tired at the end and breathing like a running dog.

I did just bench press because I wanted to understand and touch with my hands the role of triceps on this excercise (aka doms).

DOMS the next day were 10 in the triceps and 6 in the chest (also frontal delt worked really hard but because of no doms in this area is difficult to rate it…).

Now I still have triceps doms while chest is painless.

it seems to me that only way to really work chest is with a pre-exhaust type routine , triceps is too much weak compared to chest so any bench press/dip movement really train triceps,delt first and chest second.

any ideas?

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vader-nator (Kelso, NSW, Australia) on 9/13/2009 2:01:16 AM

Yep. Same.

BUT also because I tend to let my power lifting ego get in the way. Now I am 40 I tend not to get away with dumb ego tests without hurting myself. Reduce the overall tonage and feel the pecs.

I always use pec dec 4sec positive- 2 sec hold – 5 sec negative for about 5 or 6 reps to failure as a pre exhaust then do incline smith the same way after about 20 seconds. Keep arms at good medium grip with elbows wide making a straight line across chest.

Gotta resist going into lifting mode. 4/2/5 reps means that each rep takes 11 seconds so 6 reps means 66 seconds of hellish real contraction vs tossing wts around. Still gotta give 100%

I have not benched old school for about 20 years but people always ask " Wow man how much do you bench press?" I usually tell a fib like 400 and they always believe me. LOL

Skeleton will thank you for it later in life. Reduce the dumb lift and strike the muscle with precision. Some power lifters have no chest or arms at all.

Have fun

skorpio (naples, italy, EC) on 9/15/2009 7:41:51 AM

oh yes, me too is (a little)over 40 ys 🙂 still having a lot of fun lifting iron.

have to say that I developed my chest with heavy bench (with an acceptable form; not to much back arching and leg drive) but I knew that a better excercise form is much more better in gaining size, so yesterday I did an hybrid between heavy weights & perfect form; cut 30lb (15 kilos) to my 90% BPM and did just two reps very slow (8′), then racked , 20 sec enother rep, racked, 20′ enother rep.

I was impressed about chest pump after just two rest pause sets but wanna do this kind of routine for a month or two before saying it works.


ciao ciao

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