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Started By Jetro (Härnösand, 87141, sweden)

Started on: 12/27/2005 12:01:59 PM, viewed 837 times
Just got a bottle of Alpha Male (I will let you know if it works or not)

Hello to all again, Happy New and so on and so on.

I just got a bottle of Alpha Male Pro testosterone booster. Stuff is not cheap, so I will give it a run and try my very best to give an accurate assessment of it to save you all dollar bills or give a good honest to goodness non paid guys assessment.

Stuff is made by a company called Biotest


If anyone wants to take a peek at it.

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Jetro (Härnösand, 87141, sweden) on 1/4/2006 7:38:53 PM

Brief update:

Ok, I have done a 5 day cycle of the stuff. I can honestly say this so far, the stuff will make you horny, yes, thats right. I am not kidding. There was a noticeable increase in that area of my life. I know you guys do not want to hear about this, but I said this was an honest to goodness non paid guy´s take on the suppliment.

The peak effect is supposed to be in a month, so I got 3 more cycles to take. Inspite of having the flu, for at least 2 weeks, my weight has stayed up and strength is pretty good. I am not sure if this can be attributed to the Alphamale stuff just yet.

The experiment continues, tune in next week.


moysi68 (Las-Pinas, Mla, Philippines) on 2/18/2006 9:12:02 PM

I think you should take an estrogen inhibitor with that or you might get gyno.. Just a thought.

Chewy (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.) on 4/8/2006 11:39:20 AM

Alpha Male is great, as my wife will tell you. And I′m definetly leaner since I started using it.

Fatal (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.) on 4/8/2006 2:39:47 PM

Chewy, where do you train in Chicago?

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