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Started By danierusan (London, Middlesex, U.K)

Started on: 3/8/2005 1:46:51 PM, viewed 1134 times
Bloody Grip!!!

I planned to do at least 90kg x 16 in my Stifflegged Deads today. I only got to 13 because my grip gave out. I need to get it sorted.

Anyone got any ideas for increasing grip strength/endurance? I have hooks but I am stronger without them! Since I want to be responsible i figure it is best to sort the muscular problem….what about statics? Any special tools you know of?

Thanks lads,


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dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 3/8/2005 2:06:57 PM

Hey danierusan,

I′ve always been lucky with my forearms. They always seem almost fail right before my other muscles fail on a compound exercise, but they always get me through. I′ve heard using chalk can help a lot, because you′ll be less likely to slip. Have you tried that?


IRON395 (MERRILVILLE, IN, United States) on 3/8/2005 3:10:12 PM


Go to IRONMIND.COM,there you will find several training aids to help build your grip.If you have ever heard of the Captains of Crush hand grips,this is where you find them.They also have tips and training programs for grip.I have not personally used any of these programs,because I have never had a problem with grip or forearm strength and size.I work with a guy that was in the IRONMIND catalog demonstrating one of the grip tools they make,and he competes on ESPN,and was in last years Arnold Classic Strongman Contest.He just benched 705 and deadlifted in the high 700s in a contest.If the grip aids work for him ,they might work for you.


danierusan (London, Middlesex, U.K) on 3/8/2005 3:13:43 PM


My problem is not that I slip – its that my hands open up to the point where I am resting the 90kgs on on just my fingertips. I dont think my gym would allow chalk anyway…its a bit pansy like that…


IRON395 (MERRILVILLE, IN, United States) on 3/8/2005 4:33:43 PM


I know you said you did not want to use hooks but have you tried straps.they are relatively inexpensive,if your gym won′t let you use chalk.As long as you clean up after yourself and don"t make a mess,most gyms will alow chalk.There is also a spray chalk you can buy,Ihave seen it at a few sporting goods stores but have never tried it myself.


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