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Started By Randy393 (Milford, DE, U.S.A.)

Started on: 10/8/2005 3:49:33 PM, viewed 948 times
10 days of dieting and the abs are starting to show……………..

Just a follow-up to "2 Hours to a better physique". I have reduced my calories by 500 over the last 10 days and have dropped 3 pounds. I am starting to see the abs. I think at 170 lbs. (another 10 pounds) I should have a 6 pack (Okay maybe a 4 pack).


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Traps (Philly, pa, U.S.A.) on 10/8/2005 4:26:22 PM

to see your abs really well. you will need to drop more than 10 lbs

Equalizer (Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.) on 10/8/2005 4:47:08 PM

I think at 170 you will be looking pretty good. Ten pounds can make a big difference when your at your current bodyfat level rather than at a higher level. Once you get down to a certain bodyfat percentage, every 1lb. you lose makes a noticable difference.

Randy393 (Milford, DE, U.S.A.) on 10/8/2005 5:54:44 PM

Equalizer, that is what I was thinking. Just going from 183 to 180 showed a difference. I think that another 10 pounds could bring me down to roughly 12% bodyfat (I am about 14-15% right now) which would be perfect for me. I want to be "tight" not "ripped". To be "ripped" I would probably have to be in the 8-9% bodyfat range at about 160 lbs. Not bad at 5′7" but way too light for my liking. Also, I have always had a "blocky" waist (I think from deadlifts) and it is remaining steady at 34". I am hoping 10 more pounds could bring me down to a 32" (maybe wishful thinking). ANOTHER NOTE, I saved a height/weight chart that was in "Ironman" about 10 years ago that gave optimal weights for "natural" bodybuilders in "solid" condition. It went like this:

5′0" 135 lbs.

5′1" 140 lbs.

5′2" 145 lbs.

5′3" 150 lbs.

5′4" 155 lbs.

5′5" 160 lbs.

5′6" 165 lbs.

5′7" 170 lbs. (*my goal)

5′8" 175 lbs.

5′9" 180 lbs.

5′10" 185 lbs.

5′11" 190 lbs.

* At the 6′0" mark you simply add 10 pounds for each inch of height

6′0" 200 lbs.

6′1" 210 lbs.

6′2" 220 lbs.

AND SO ON……………………………

So according to this I should be close to my optimal weight. As Bradley Steiner wrote years ago, a natural bodybuilder should weigh more than the average man but not much more.

Adman (Sydney, NSW, Australia) on 10/8/2005 6:36:24 PM

Looking good Randy.

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