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Started By Gromek (Enid, OK, U.S.A.)

Started on: 4/20/2009 11:45:11 AM, viewed 748 times
What to do when you cant add anymore weight

There is a few exercises where I do the whole stack for the preexhaust set, and obviously im getting more and more reps each time. This is going to end up bad pretty soon. I do not wish to have to do anymore than 10-12 reps for the pre exhaust, and thats being lenient. Idealy I would like to keep it in the 5-7 range. This happens on leg extensions, and pec deck. Its weird actualy, its really freakin heavy, and every rep I feel like I cant get another, but then I do, and then another, and it keeps going untill I say thats enough and just do a static hold till failure. Any suggestions on how to increase the intensity and make it so I can do less reps? I would like to increase the weight somehow if that is possible, my rep cadence is about 3-3. And I do omni contractions sometimes too. The thing where you do static holds at different points on the negative. I dont really have a spotter either which just plain sucks. I havnt done a set of barbell bench to failure in like 2 months, so I dont even know where im at with that. All I know is im getting really strong on Pec Deck, lol.

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kshatriya1985 (Williamsburg, VA, USA) on 4/20/2009 12:21:01 PM

Couple of Ideas

1.Use a weight belt to add weight to the stack, i.e. strap the belt round the stack and then use the chain to add weight.

2. slow down your cadence to 4-2-4

3. Go higher in reps, i remember reading markus reinhardt got so strong on the nautlius leg extension leg press combo he was doing the pre exhaustion superset for 20 + reps on each exercise, so don′t worry about high reps, just make them harder, maybe even do a 4-4-4 cadence, as long as the intensity is high the stimulus for growth will be provided.

4. Replace pec dec with cable cross-overs or dumbell flyes, even if you′re using the entire stack on the pec dec, using 110 pounders or heavier for flyes with 4-0-4 cadence flyes is tough.

5.Same principles apply for the leg extensions and pulldown, slow the cadence, increase the time you do a static hold for on each rep.

6. If you′re getting that strong, more power to ya. If you have a journal posted on i′d like to see the numbers and reps you′re doing.

All the best

– K

kshatriya1985 (Williamsburg, VA, USA) on 4/20/2009 12:23:10 PM

Also, forget doing barbell presses, use the smith machine, hammer strength or other machine on the chest pressing part of the pre exhausty superset. you are performing it like a superset right? If you′re using machines or dumbells no worries about going to failure and getting stuck in a tough spot.

Another alternative is doing pushups on the floor after the pec dec with accentuated negaties, i.e. 10 second negatives 10 second positives, that′ll have you whipped too.

– K

Gromek (Enid, OK, U.S.A.) on 4/21/2009 1:03:23 AM

The attaching the belt with chain to the stack is what I was looking for, thanks. I realize I could do slower reps, and or keep doing more and more reps, but where is that gonna get me in the long run? I mean eventualy wont I be doing 20+ reps with a really slow cadence? 3-3-3 is good for me, its just slow enough as to not jerk or swing the weight, but not so slow as to take away the power of the move. I have been doing the seated machine bench press machine after the preexhaust pec deck, but its not the same as regular barbell bench. But my gym recently got some new equipment and they replaced that machine with new pec decks, and they suck! Ive tried smith machine before too, the problem is its set at an angle and it doesnt feel right doing bench on it. Going to failure to me is more than just not being able to get the weight up anymore, I have to go a little further to feel the meaning of failure, ie. forced reps, negatives, drop set. Pretty much all of which I would need a spotter for. Anyways thank you for the belt idea , again, that was exactly what I was looking for. I will post a few workouts right after this. Most of my workouts are logged on bodybuilding.com although on bodyweight exercises like dips and chins, as well as if I entered Stack for weight, it doesnt logg properly. http://workout.bodybuilding.com/big83mike/

Gromek (Enid, OK, U.S.A.) on 4/21/2009 1:11:36 AM


Flat Bench 135 x 8 Warmup

225 x 4 Warmup

Pec Deck STACK x 7 20 secs rest then static hold

160 x 4 Static holds at 3 points

Machine Lateral raise 45 x 8 lowered weight for static hold

Dips BW+90 x 5 two negs after and followed by

BW+45 x 3 two negs after

Dumbell shoulder press 45s x 8

Incline bench press 135 x 8

Leg Press 225 x 8 Warmup

405 x 4 Warmup

Leg Extension STACK x 10 static hold and immediately followed by

Leg Press 495 x 7

Seated leg curls 2 from stack x 7 lowered weight for static hold, and immediately follwed by

Leg Press 495 x 8

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