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Started By Pestilenza (rome, Italy, Italy)

Started on: 1/17/2007 4:44:38 AM, viewed 2054 times
what about central nervous system?

Hi I’m Sandro I’m Italian guy and currently in my workout I use Heavy – Duty.with this system I have obtained great resoults:11 kilos in 5 month .Some “Experts” say that HD “Burn” the “central nervous system”

instead of “Muscles”, limiting the muscles growth.that questions is true?what do you say about this?What Mike Mentzer says about this?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad English 🙂



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Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/17/2007 10:58:53 AM

Hello Sandro !

What I experimented is that as long as I stay away from musculare failure I can repeat a performance again and again without a decrease in performance (if fatigue is not accumulated). In example I could do 3x6x8RM wih 2-3min between sets and if I pushed the last set to failure I would probably be able to do 8 reps but if I did 1×8 to failure then my reps would drop on the next set and it could take days or even weeks until I would be able to do 8 reps again with that weight. If you don′t go to failure you can repeat the same performance within a few minutes so obviously you should be able to repeat it a few days later which is NOT the case if you go to failure.

So I believe training to failure makes an HUGE difference in recovery time compared to training short to failure but it doesn′t make an HUGE difference in muscular growth stimulation. You can stimulate growth without going to failure EVEN if you might not be able to stimulate 100% of the growth without going to failure. If you can stimulate 60% of the growth possible with one rep short to failure and can do it 2x per week then it′s better than going to failure once a week (and stimulate 100% of the growth possible). Even if you could only stimulate 40-50% if would be ok because you′ll decrease a lot the risk of overtraining and thus increase your chance of making long term progress.

All in all I believe training to failure to be superior (for stimulation) but it′s an ideal (a maximum dose of stimulation) and shouldn′t be done on a regular basis. I think it′ll hamper progress rather than increase it. When you are deeply fatigued/overtrained it takes weeks if not MONTH (at least for me it can takes month) to go back to your previous performances.

BTW I think going to failure with heavy weights is even hard on the nervous system because the nervous system have to recruit and fire more fibers at the same time ! In my case I recover much faster with a 10-20RM rather than a 1RM but I also think a 1RM provide a higher stimulation (more force generated/muscle activy per unit of time and less fatigue).

RedDog84 (Miami, Florida, U.S.A.) on 1/18/2007 8:25:46 AM

You say that you can stimulate 60% growth and train twice a week that would mean that you actually produce 120% growth in one week that is even better than 100%.

So you say that we should work to fatigue and not to full muscular failure.

But if the HUMAN body is escentially know for its ability to adapt. Why wont it produce more energy for the central nervous system. I doubt that we are born with only a certain mount of energy for the CNS.

I wont deny that by pushing the muscle to muscular failure it will consume a high amount of energy and it will react just like the muscle.

We grow because the muscle falls in a crisis that it does not want to experience. For say people who have corns on their hand from heavy deadlift. Those corns are created to protect him. So why the brain create more energy CNS? As we train or any single movement we use the CNS. So as the CNS is drain little by little the only time it recovers is by good well balance dieting and right amount of sleep or am I wrong?

Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/18/2007 4:26:41 PM

Maybe there is more energy available but we keep our intensity of effort very high or even maximum so it cannot become easier. The intensity of effort is always maximum relative to our condition (it′s the due to the nature of (progressive) Resistance Training). In fact absolute max effort may even increase as we get more advanced because our muscles grow and the CNS must recruit a bigger muscular mass.

If frequency is too high there is time for full recovery and fatigue is accumulated then it′s a state of overtraining. Minimum overlap and the least amount of high intensity activty with optimal rest and food are very important for recovery.

Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 1/18/2007 4:28:35 PM

I mean there is NO time for full recovery

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