Dynamic stabilizers, etc.

hey guys,

What roles do stabilizers, dynamic stabilizers, antagonistic stabilizers, etc. play in building and developing muscles? Are they just for balance? Do they build up as you build the primary movers? What about synergists and their roles? Here′s a link, but can someone give their opinion of their roles of development?

The so-called “Stabilizer Muscle” is a fancy (catchy) term coined by so-called fitness experts in the industry . Nowhere in any Physiology text that I′ve read was there any mention of a STABILIZER MUSCLE . The function of a muscle is to CONTRACT . Yes it may CONTRACT to STABILIZE the torso such as the lowerback and abs in the squats but that does not mean that their ONLY function is as STABILIZERS . Almost all muscle can contract to stabilize . Remember muscles contract in SYNERGY and not in isolation .

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