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Started By lightningstriking (Rotherham, yorkshire, U.K.)

Started on: 9/30/2005 6:23:47 AM, viewed 2133 times

training log

thought Id put up a diary. Comment if you wish. I have amended the routine a little. Here goes

All reps are what I call a natural speed, I make no attempt to slow them.

wed sep 21

squat warm up to 155k -6

Bench 105k – 7

Chin 10k – 4

thurs 22 jog 30 mins

sund 25 sep

trap bar deads +180k – 6 (trap bar movements do not include weight of bar as I dont know what it is. Its not a Gerard tb, its a bigger hexagon)

leg press ?k 6 + 5 partials (this is rigged up with plates and thick rubber bands for resistance)

Bench 105k- 8

Mon 26 jog 30 mins

Thurs 29th

warm up to squat 155kx7 (to a box which I barely touch, just to measure below parallel depth)

incline Bench 80×6

shrugs with trap bar 145k x5

Fri 30th – jog 30 mins.

I am losing a little weight slowly as I am setting a 100kilo ceiling on Body weight. I am only about 2 kilos above.

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leonardovp (bp, bp, Hungary) on 9/30/2005 7:12:44 AM

Hello Lightningstriking… big man, long nick.:)

I think it′s been a good idea of you to start this log.

You′re planning to alternate the normal workouts with jogging? You do the latter one to lose some weight or just for fun?


Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 9/30/2005 10:24:41 AM

Good Deadlift/Squat and Bench Press. Thanks to post your workouts !

lightningstriking (Rotherham, yorkshire, U.K.) on 10/1/2005 5:54:57 AM


I′ve read lots of pro/against aerobics articles and I have settled on a 30 mins per 4 days routine which although will have a negative effect as far as consuming resources which could be directed towards the weights MAY have beneficial health effects. However 30 mins is the limit so I hope it is not a big sacrifice for possible advantages.

I tried the consolidation routines and stagnated, so I figure maybe I do not need to go down to 3 sets per week yet, try 3 sets every 4th day. So far I have small evidence it works so i′ll stick with it. My routine is a consolidation routine done almost twice as frequently as Mike′s routine.

I think the slight negative calorie balance is holding back spectacular results. But I am 5′ 7′′ and 100k is plenty big. I want to bring out the muscularity via stripping fat. Hopefully the aerobics will help as well. I am on about 2 500 kcals per day , 5 x 500kc. I have just competed in a power meet but want to get in shape as I have put on bulk but am too fat. So, I just want to maintain a 100k body weight while getting leaner.

leonardovp (bp, bp, Hungary) on 10/1/2005 8:05:22 AM

I′m not an expert of this field but some say that if one walks ( not jogs or runs) for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week, it can do wonders if the goal is to lose fat and not muscle. What do you think?


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