Strength/Size Relationship

Great read but I don′t buy it 🙂

the theory of demand is interessant but if you increase volume by 300% you won′t increase your size gains by 300% maybe not even 1% !!!!! the same goes for frequency.

It′s why we have studies which show no differences between 1 set and x sets ! and some studies which swhow no difference between hiting each muscles 2x per week vs 3x per week. And in my opinion hiting each muscles even only once a week will produce nearly the same gains as 2x or 3x.

example : 4 days Split routine Back / Chest / Shoulders / arms + Legs

you HIT the shoulders with MORE volume with more Frequency (because chest and back exercises hit shoulders hard, bench press, pullovers, chins dips etc), does shoulders grow faster ? NO !

The only way to increase the rate of progress is to grow stronger Faster !!! (overload muscles) maybe the only “magical” solution for fast size gains is the use of Negative Only Training because that′s ~40% heavier loads.

just my opinion !

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