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Started By DeadTrap (Somewhere, *, U.S.A.)

Started on: 8/14/2008 5:22:23 PM, viewed 215 times

Universal Principles

Medical science – and exercise science – is based on an understanding of the universality of the principles of human physiology. While this last statement may seem redundant to some, considering the near-universal confusion concerning the fact that "there is and can be only one valid theory of productive bodybuilding exercise," such tautology is necessary. It is precisely this fact: That, birth defects and genetic anomalies notwithstanding, the principles of human anatomy and physiology are universal, or applicable to all members of the species; which renders the sciences of medicine and exercise viable intellectual disciplines. To refute the validity of any one of these theoretical sciences, one would have to marshal irrefutable evidence that humans exist who do not possess an animal′s anatomy and physiology – nor a rational faculty. Don′t hold your breath whilst searching for such a creature.

To Stress the Point One More Step-

If you were to find yourself in the jungle tomorrow, and you happened upon a voodoo witch doctor, he′d have close to a zero percent success rate with his patients. Then you introduce to him this miracle – Western theoretical medical science, i.e., logical diagnostic procedure, sterile technique, surgery, analgesics and antibiotics, etc. All of a sudden, the witch doctor′s success rate skyrockets off the charts.

To say that there is no one valid theory, or that all approaches have merit, is tantamount to stating that the intellectual method of the voodoo witch doctor is as likely to correct a brain aneurysm as would that of a neuro-surgeon. Obviously, there is a life-and-death difference between the application of true ideas and false ideas. In bodybuilding, the difference between the application of true and false ideas is: Actualize you full muscular potential in a relatively short period – or, fail to ever achieve it.

Mike Mentzer

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