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Started By coomo (brentwood, cm14, uk)

Started on: 2/19/2008 3:03:14 PM, viewed 2341 times

On Dr dardens site, a regular poster,who is very knowlegable,and a 100% Jonesean,recalled a conversation he had with Jones in the mid 1990s.Jones stated that research with medex seemed to disprove the "spillover effect" His research seemed to show that the strength(size) of the untrained musculature,does not increase as a result of training the bodys larger muscles.In other words Jones felt his was wrong when he said that hard training of the larger muscles(hips,legs ,back)does not promote growth of the muscles of the chest,arms shoulders,this was conterary to what Jones had believed for the previous 30 years.

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HD27 (N.Falls, Ontario, Canada) on 2/19/2008 3:59:52 PM


That′s a great topic!.

I can only share my experience and opinion.Like I said in another post,I gained 10-12 lbs doing a set of Squats every 5-7 days,in a 10 week period.I′ve also and many others here have made great gains doing trap bar deadlifts only as well.

I look at powerlifters who focus on only 3-4 movements with no direct arm or calf work,yet most of them are massive all over.Programs like the supersquats routine written by Randall Strossen and Peary Rader have been packing mass on people for decades.I can′t see someone squatting or deadlifting 400-500lbs and having huge legs a huge back and skinny arms.The legs and back make up 80% of your bodymass.So like Bill Sahli and countless other trainers have found,the key to size is to train the legs and back with #1 priority.Again I′m not arguing with Arthur Jones,Just my take on the subject.

coomo (brentwood, cm14, uk) on 2/19/2008 5:23:06 PM

Hi hd. my view entirely.HOWEVER there is another frame in which to view this.I spent years trying to get big arms(didnt we all)never trained legs.What happened ? f**k all! As observed by Darden in one of the original nautilus training books,I quote (loosely)" it has been observed that the body will not allow for a large amount of disproportionate development, irrespective of how much direct arm work is done.the arms will not grow until heavy leg work is also included,when this occurs,and leg strength increases,the arms will start to grow again"So does the heavy leg work stimulate arm growth directly? or does it simply allow for it to occur?i believe what ever chemicals,are released through hip/leg work, that some spill over also occurs,and that both these theorys are to some degree correct.Someone once asked Tom Platz why he still trained his already massive legs so hard? Platz responded " Im trying to get big arms!"

Pestilenza (rome, Italy, Italy) on 2/20/2008 2:41:15 AM

hi all

there is only one way to convalidate this teories:try it!Obviously thi is my thought!



Nilbert_Rafer (Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines) on 2/20/2008 5:35:46 PM

Arthur′s right all along.

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