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Started By ShockOne (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, U.K.)

Started on: 12/25/2006 5:16:39 PM, viewed 358 times
MIKE MENTZER′S HEAVY DUTY VHS Video – Any Have Or has Seen It?????

Anyone seen Mike Mentzer′s HEAVY DUTY VHS video? (was available in 90′s, and last I saw it was advertised in Muscle & Fitness 2001). N.B. This is NOT the same obviously as Mike Mentzer′s HIT DVD / VHS that came out in 2001 with Mike Mentzer training Markus Reinhardt & taking him through HIT workout.

Does ′Heavy Duty′ feature Mike Mentzer is he doing the demonstrating & instructing , does it cover a lot? Is it better than HIT DVD / VHS that came out later (which was good but not as ′stand alone′ film, you need more info to really try HIT workouts than in that)?

Also if anyone has copy on VHS (or transfer to DVD) of ′Heavy Duty′, I will buy or trade for it.


(Tried search for ′Heavy Duty′ VHS on www. does not show anywhere , other than on Dutch site so I can′t read it).

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ShockOne (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, U.K.) on 12/25/2006 5:23:14 PM

Incidentally, on Mike Mentzer′s Official Site, they state that there are no official videos other than those they sell?

So are Mike Mentzer′s HIT DVD / VHS (from 2001) & MM′s Heavy Duty VHS (from 90′s) not official products?

As the latter one – HIT was directed by Mike, that comes up in credits, and clearly he was excited about making it to instruct people in HIT. Did MM Enterprises not manage to get full rights to it, or have say in the final editing & release, hence them ′disowning′ it as an official release?

The earlier one Heavy Duty, I assume was official then as it was available with Mike′s courses, books, etc – so MM Enterprises again may not have rights to it, or it has been discontinued so they cannot sell it. Who made Heavy Duty as a DVD release would sell I′m sure?

HITHopper (Adelaide, SA, Australia) on 12/25/2006 8:11:21 PM

I think I know the video u mean. Is it a black and white cover of a man lifting weights??? I dont have it but I remember seeing it a while back in a mag.

Jonson (essex, ., uk) on 12/26/2006 6:03:21 AM

Saw an old mike mentzer video on ebay a couple of months ago had a black and white cover, would have got it but i no longer have a video recorder so didnt bother.

xtreme (Adelaide, SA, AUSTRALIA) on 1/11/2007 8:19:53 AM

"A Look at High Intensity Training" came out in the early to mid-80′s. It had Mike, Ray, and Cathy Gelfo demonstrating various exercises in a HIT workout. It was quite slick, considering the Mentzer brothers had purchased a van full of equipment to produce the video. Definitely a collectors item.

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