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Started By TKE273 (Concord, OH, U.S.A.)

Started on: 4/28/2005 4:35:49 PM, viewed 550 times
Problem with Deadlifting

I′ve seen to have come across a problem when deadlifting and I was curious to see if anyone here has had this same problem. I′m a strong believer of keeping the bar as close to the body as possible throughout the range of motion. This usually means I end up with a "red-line" going up my shins from the bar, but nothing to bad. Until my gym bought new bars and these new bars literally dig into my shins. After doing my set, I looked down and saw my shins bleeding. I was trying to come up with ideas on how to prevent this and came up with a one. I could get a pair of shin guards and that should prevent the bar from tearing up my shins. Im j/ curious to see if anyone else has had this problem and how they solved it. All input would be appreciated.


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smanjh (somewhere in, the USA, U.S.A.) on 4/28/2005 5:06:49 PM

Your doing it correctly. All the guys in my gym who powerlift have the same problem. I would where pants, of a few pairs of socks because you are using perfect form the way you are doing them, and the shin bleed thing is universal to those who can get really heavy.

IRON395 (MERRILVILLE, IN, United States) on 4/28/2005 6:02:17 PM

You can always tell the veteran deadlifters by their shins. I used to put baby powder on my legs when I used to compete. My powerlifting coach told me it was supposed to help the bar slide up the legs with less friction. It was very messy, but it helped somewhat. If you plan on competing as a powerlifter I would recommend building up some thicker skin and scars on you shins by deadlifting in shorts. If you just want to deadlift to gain mass, I would do what Smanjh suggested.


dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 4/28/2005 10:25:27 PM

I would do trapbar deadlifts. 🙂

Of course, veteran deadlifters would probably not like them.


jedimaster (Middletown, NY, United States) on 4/29/2005 9:15:55 AM

Not to be perverse, but I have a similar problem- it crushes my package if I′m not careful.

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