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Titled: Progress, lack of by Jeff

(page 20 Routines & Programs)

Feb22,2005 Jeff states in his post

ITEM: Jeff was doing "Mentzer′s Ideal Routine with 3 days rest between workouts before I burnt out. I hadn′t been sleeping, as some of you know, and had made absolutely zero strength gains"

FACT: Jeff was OVER TRAINING and the stress was causing him problems sleeping, burn out and absolutely zero strength gains. But Jeff just did NOT increase his rest days he just stayed with 3 days rest he did this for over 6 years. Jeff was NOT DOING HIT he was doing his "Own Thing" calling it HIT.

ITEM: Jeff Stated "I′ve decided on the following;

A) Leg Press

Weighted Chins

Shoulder Press

Weighted Incline Sit Ups

B) Regular Dead Lifts

Weighted Dips

Standing Calf Raise

I′ve essentially taken the Athlete′s Routine and added the ′extra′ exercises from the Consolidated Routine."

FACT: Jeff did NOT do the Consolidated Routine he added Weighted Inclined Sit Ups and dropped Squats. That′s NOT Mike′s Consolidated Routine. Mike says that you do not need to do sit ups. So again Jeff was NOT DOING HIT! He was doing his OWN MADE UP ROUTINE! calling it HIT

ITEM: Jeff then states "I′ll also try some ′extreme stretching" (Jeff then says:) "I also tacked on a medium set of deads at the end to get my lower back set "

FACT: That′s NOT HIT it′s JEFFS OWN ROUTINE adding more and more VOLUME!! again calling it hit!

Feb 23 2005 Jeff states in his post

ITEM: "I′ll try the chins again next week, and if I don′t make an improvement in the set, I′ll try doing A SECOND SET."

FACT: ADDING EXTRA SETS IS NOT HIT!! He could have got his chins to work if he was not SPENDING HIS RECOVERY ON SIT UPS that Mentzer said you do NOT need to do on the Consolidated Routine.

March 24 2005 Jeff states in his post

ITEM: "I really think the problem is that I′m not making a big enough strength inrod with only 4 chins, that′s why I tried a couple, albeit sloppy, negatives. I′ll give a SECOND SET a try"


April 1 2005 Jeff states in his post

ITEM: "I decided to do a shoulders/arms workout, as I hadn′t hit these muscles with direct exercises for over two months"

FACT: Consolidated Routine does NOT have any direct shoulders/arms workout. Again Jeff is NOT DOING HIT!!

April 7 2005 Jeff states in his post

ITEM: "I might tack on a set of pushdown s or curls at the end of one of the workouts"

FACT: Pushdown s or curls are NOT part of the Consolidated Routine but it is part of Jeffs home made routines. Again Jeff was not doing HIT!!!

April 13 2005 Jeff states in his post

"The set was definitely intense, but I′m NOT SURE if that was enough to produce an "overload."

FACT: Mike Mentzer′s HIT has specific points that tell you exactly when you are over training. Again Jeff was NOT DOING HIT.

The above is what Jeff calls in his own words his Consolidated Routine. Jeff shows that he will tweek a great Routine until it does not work and is just another Over training volume Routine and then has the balls to tell us it DID NOT WORK! He maybe able to quote Mike′s HIT but he can NOT FOLLOW IT!!


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