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Started By odin67 (New York, NY, U.S.A.)

Started on: 10/28/2004 1:16:24 AM, viewed 1993 times
1980 Mr. Olympia Poll


Who should have won the all-time most controversial 1980 Mr. Olympia (which featured Arnold′s comeback!)

Mike Mentzer (50%)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (25%)

Frank Zane (5%)

Tom Platz (3%)

Chris Dickerson (3%)

Boyer Coe (2%)

Sammir Bannout (2%)

Roger Walker (1%)

Casey Viator (1%)

Dennis Tinerino (1%)

Roy Callender (1%)

Ed Corney (0%)

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B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands) on 10/28/2004 5:44:38 AM

I hope I′m not offending anyone here, but although Arnold wasn′t in his best (1974) overall shape, I STILL think he should have won the Mr. Olympia 1980. To my opnion, Arnold is the best bodybuilder ever!

But Mike Mentzer should have gotten second place, because he really had this great powerfull, thick, Herculean look. Personally, I think Frank Zane always gets overhyped…

Just my two cents.

dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 10/28/2004 8:35:06 AM

Yeah, Mike Mentzer put everyone else to shame that year. I have the video and it′s Mike hands down. He was leagues above everyone else.


dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 10/28/2004 8:37:41 AM

This answers a lot of questions about who did the voting:

What are your favorite Men′s Bodybuilding & powerlifting magazines?

Flex (30%)

Muscle & Fitness (25%)

Muscle Mag International (10%)

Men′s Health (5%)

Men′s Fitness (3%)

Muscle Media (3%)

Natural Bodybuilding (3%)

Powerlifting USA (3%)

All Natural Muscular Development (2%)

Sports Illustrated (2%)

Pump (2%)

Iron Man (2%)

Exercise: For Men Only (1%)

Prime (0%)

Hardcore (0%)


mofo (san ramon, CA, U.S.A.) on 10/28/2004 5:57:30 PM

hey b-wine. do a search on this website on my rant about the 1980 o. i was working out at world gym in santa monica at the time. i was 18 years old. no one believed arnold was going to enter, simply because he had not competed for five years, and secondly, because his legs were laughably thin. even arnold′s biggest yes men thought he was not in top shape, although after the show, they all sounded like a chorus of parrots on how great arnold was. i have a unique perspective from those days, having been there. i see guys like rick drasin who designed the world gym logo, and a host of other gym rats who to this day are loyal to arnold in hopes of getting a crumb thrown their way, while not doing much to advance their lives much . i don′t think arnold returns thier calls. it is sad really.

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