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Started By mrcatalyst (new milton, hampshire, u.k.)

Started on: 4/6/2008 11:44:24 AM, viewed 432 times
I need HELP

I′m obsessed with weight training. I′ve been lifting weights and doing all body workouts for around eight months, but for the past month I′ve gone HIT style since reading Mike′s book.

I′ll go for a casual jog a couple times a week, today I just sparred with the air and laid 2p coins around my room as targets and then did some stretching of yoga poses.

My job is crap, so I think about what I can do once I′m out of work. I′m also being tight with calories as I′m cutting. I just want to lift weights everyday, I′ll read parts of Mentzer′s HIT book just to read them, I′m always flexing my arm in the mirror, observing the back of my tricep etc.

Is it true the body produces some chemical that makes you addictive/obsessive for training?

Everything I do is intense, my music project (myspace.com/mentalcatalyst) the films I collect and the books I read are all strong themed. I′ve been thinking of starting a kickboxing classm but I need to be tight with money as I′m saving, so perhaps I′ll practice in my room.

Now and then I′ll set a dumbbell up to do some concentration curls just to get a pump, so I can see some nice muscle in my forearm, a vein coming through etc.

I′ve written up a new workout, It′s aimed to be part done at home and gym.

Home : Chest – Flyes > Bench Presses

Abs – Crunches (standard, twisting, lying leg raises for lower)

Shoulders – Laterals > Bent over laterals, Behind neck press

Arms – Concentration curls, Lying extension


Gym : Leg extension > Leg press or Squats

Pressdowns > Dips

Palms up pulldowns, Chin ups

> = directly followed by

, = adequate rest time

My gym visit is on a thursday, I was thinking of making my home workout a monday evening?

I know I could probably just do deadlifts and chins/dips weekly for development but like I said I′m addicted and would like to push myself, see if I can handle the routine. I′m 21 years old.

I′m doing some yoga JUST so I′m doing something physical in the evenings. I even enjoy going to bed early, and getting around 9 hours sleep because I′m thinking of my body needing the rest/growth time.

Thanks for allowing such a lenghty post, cheers.

-Martin [email protected]

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NatureBoy (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) on 4/6/2008 3:49:47 PM

Apart from weights and your body. Are you doing anything for your future. That is, what are your plans for a career ?

mrcatalyst (new milton, hampshire, u.k.) on 4/6/2008 4:27:07 PM

I plan to take studies in psychology and sociology, I′d like to work within the mental health sector.

My life changed a great deal in a short space of time, my long term partner and I split up, I had to leave our flat/my home and move back to my parents in a town I didn′t know and had zero friends/contacts in.

I aim to save some money from my job, move back to my home town and live with my grandma, and study the courses I need to.

NatureBoy (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) on 4/6/2008 4:45:01 PM

That sounds like a smart plan. While it′s nice to have 17 inch guns etc. Lack of education and income will be more important as you get older.

At 21 you′ve got the world at your feet. You′ll meet another girl and possibly more, hopefully.

Your routine approach etc looks fine and you can possibly do more exercise at your age and stage in life. However, don′t get too carried away with it.

Keep at it =)

rippedsteel79 (indee, iowa, U.S.A.) on 4/6/2008 6:45:46 PM

ok youre going to hate me for saying this… but your not working out hard enough. this what i would really reccomend for you. you might not like it but it will help. you should follow a program more suited to arthur jones rush theory. i assure you if you give it 100% you wont feel like lifting more then once a week if not 2. arthur stated that although you will not be able to use as much weight do to the fact you will be racing from exercise to exercise without rest.. it will surely make you feel sick and on a side note it is amazing as far as conditioning goes. it cured my gym cravings. on a side note i enrolled in a community college to help find something outside the gym. it has made my life alot happier to have a direct life goal that you care about. so many options.

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