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Started By Madman (Cape Girardeau, MO, U.S.A.)

Started on: 10/23/2003 4:31:48 PM, viewed 1064 times
Let′s all take a deep breath

OK, is everyone ready? Yes? Good. Relax. Slowly breathe in as deep as you can, hold it, and now slowly release. Again, breathe in, hold, and exhale.

Go ahead do it on your own a few times.

Feel better? Are we all relaxed and ready to talk like reasonable adults? Good.

There seems to be a lot of controversy on this board lately. It has led to a lot of heated discussion. Some of this discussion has maybe gotten a little overheated. I am referring to the exchange that I had with HIT on the what about cardio post. I have apologized for some of my more colorful remarks and I think we have put that behind us. I think we all need to relax a little bit. Let′s remember that this is an OPEN DISCUSSION board. We may disagree sometimes, but let′s try to respect each other a little more (and I am admonishing myself here as much as anyone).

One thing that I find a little disturbing is that some people on this board seem to almost worship Mike like he is a god and beyond fallibility. I have even heard quotes to the effect of suggesting that people blindly follow what Mike says. I believe this is the LAST thing Mike would have wanted. It seems that when certain suggestions are made or certain things called into question some on this board just want to quote from HD2 like its the bible and everything it says is set in stone as the absolute infallible law handed down from God himself.

I think everyone on this board has a lot of respect for Mike and we have all read his books (most of us more than once). Since we have read his books I don′t believe it does us any good to throw Mentzer quotes at each other just to reaffirm our belief in HIT. I REALLY THINK THAT MOST OF US ON THIS BOARD HAVE A GRASP OF THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HIT. Those fundamentals being duration, intensity, and frequency. However just how we apply those principles to our individual routines can differ according to our genetic ability and our goals.

YOU CAN′T ARGUE WITH SUCCESS!!!!! If a routine is giving someone their desired results (whether that be STRENGTH, MASS, AND/OR LOOKS) then it is obviously working for them. Does that mean that it will work for everyone? Obviously not. Just look at Mike′s "ideal" routine. That is a routine that he felt was ideal (at least in principle), however myself and many others on this forum have noted that it DID NOT produce results for us. Does that mean that Mentzer is wrong? No, it just means that that particular routine didn′t produce results for us. So we had to experiment with other routines to find what DID work for us. IF IT WORKED IT WORKED, PERIOND.

Basically what we have in this forum is a collection of experiments performed by a lot of different people with a wide array of genetics. They can only relate what they have tried and what the effects were (if someone said they did X and the results were Y I don′t think you can tell them that it didn′t happen because we have to take them at their word until given a reason to believe they are lying). Obviously genetics and/or the use of steroids will have an effect on the outcome of any routine. Mike always tried new things in order to improve his theory and I don′t see why we should stop just because he is not around any longer. Is that what Mike would have wanted? He wanted us to become our own personal trainer and find out what OUR needs were in terms of rest, volume, and so on.

All I ask is that we respect each other and listen to what each other is saying rather than acting like this is the Inquistion, Mentzer is God, and Heavy Duty 2 is the bible. What good could possibly come from that? What could possibly be learned from that?


With sincerity and respect for everyones right to express their opinion,


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jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 10/23/2003 7:25:53 PM


IMHO, Madman is correct in that we should respect each other and enjoy each other′s posts, I know I do. I am learning quite a bit and enjoying posts from everyone. Now, it is understandable that most HITTERS/HD do not wish to lose any of the theories or principles that are still alive in this forum. As a beginner, I would hope that it stays alive and well. I personally do not want to look somewhere else to try and find a site that might adhere to these principles. I′m hoping this is home. With that said, if someone were to post, as an example that they were working out every day and they loved it and were gaining strength,size and shape, MY thoughts would be," Good for you", but that doesn′t work for Me. I wish to adhere to a much lower routine that I feel makes more sense to my situation. It really doesn′t matter to me HOW someone else achieves or tries to achieve their goals, (in MY daily life), but what I personally would not want to lose is being able to log on to this site and reading and interacting with people who still adhere to, or are trying to adhere to, Mike Mentzer′s principles. Please don′t misunderstand, I wish EVERYONE GREAT SUCCESS, It′s just that what someone else does is really not going to matter in MY WORLD. The only way it could is if I took what they said, and possibly learned from it, which is what I am trying to accomplish. Again, when it comes to the principles, there may be some, that I look at, or perceive differently, than someone else. THAT SHOULD BE O.K……I AM ONLY HUMAN…..I CAN FORGIVE MYSELF…….maybe you can forgive me too.


Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 10/23/2003 10:46:30 PM


Truly awesome post. Well put, and right on the money 🙂

I never want to offend anyone. I just want to share my thoughts, idea′s and experiences with the ONLY MESSAGE BOARD that has logical minds on it 🙂


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