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Started By smanjh (somewhere in, the USA, U.S.A.)

Started on: 6/10/2005 9:03:44 AM, viewed 335 times
Mike Mentzer Day.

Well, 4 years ago today, the man died of a heart attack. Over at MikeMentzer.com, they are putting up new testimonials and articles, with one being entitled Mike Mentzer Day. Well, since many of us share the fact that Mike opened our minds as bodybuilders analyze everything that we do and taught most of us to think rationally, I feel it would be nice to have a post where we reflect and maybe tell stories as to where we were before we read any of Mike′s stuff.

Now, I know everyone here does not follow it all to the letter, but we do use the principles in almost all of our routines, so do not turn this into a debate. Simply post, share your thoughts and stories.

I personally was headed nowhere, and I found Mike′s teachings, and now I am heading into the right training direction for me. Of course, I had to find that right training frequency and intensity for me, but in the end, I think Mike was generally on the right path. He did not come up with the 100 percent correct conclusion for every single member of the species, but he sure as hell made us think rationally about this sport, and for that, I thank him.

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ttwarrior4 (Morganfield, Ky, U.S.A.) on 6/13/2005 3:41:11 AM

I remember the first article i read about mentzer. Not only did i want what he said to be true. But i knew it was true. It just made sense. Not only that i wanted to be smarter too. I didnt want to lift weights and not know about lifting.

dafortae (a, a, U.S.A.) on 6/19/2005 1:55:09 PM

Yes, I thank God for Mike and his teachings. I don′t know where I would be today without him.


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