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Started By europa119 (Mississauga, ON, Canada)

Started on: 5/18/2007 6:48:24 PM, viewed 2392 times
Great Example of Progress on HIT Style program

I dont post here that often at all, but I thought this is interesting confirmation of HIT as a valid training method, for the curious and the doubters


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Butters (Springfield, MO, U.S.A.) on 5/18/2007 7:02:22 PM

I saw that some time ago. I feel the results are dubious at best.

bloodandguts (Alburg, vt, U.S.A.) on 5/18/2007 9:50:34 PM

it barely even looks like the same guy in those before/after pics and I dont mean that in a good way.

ya gotta love it that they shaved his chest for the after pics though . . . lol!

europa119 (Mississauga, ON, Canada) on 5/18/2007 11:19:59 PM

Ha, you guys might be right! All the same, HIT works, just ask Casey Viator.

Jeff (Toronto, M5T, Canada) on 5/19/2007 4:31:25 AM

Although this thing is dubious at best, as Butters has already stated, I′d be interested to know how people define "valid."

If you mean; bring a beginner who′s well underweight up to a non-embarassing point pretty fast, then I′m with ya.

If you mean; bring a beginner to his genetic potential in the advertised 2 year time limit (or "ever," for that matter) then you need your head examined.

Anything will work for a beginner.

And I also think it′s sad that people still hang onto Casey Viator. HIT has been around since the 1970′s, and people still talk about that one "experiment" as absolute proof that it′s the best thing out there. Here are a few things to remember about Casey:

1) He had been that big before. He built the size originally with conventional BBing methods.

2) Before the "experiment," he′d been ill and had lost a piss load of weight.

3) During the experiment he used a ton of gear.

4) Casey soon went back to more volume and frequency after splitting with Jones, saying he eventually needed it to continue making progress.

I like Viator for sure, and think the Colorado Experiement is interesting, but you′ve gotta put it in context. It′s definately not nearly as significant as HITers would like to believe.

Interesting post though.



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