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Started By Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

Started on: 3/2/2004 4:23:52 PM, viewed 1695 times
One arm or leg at a time?

Does anyone have any experience in splitting up a set by performing the left and right sides separately?

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Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada) on 3/2/2004 4:27:58 PM

Please review my Feb 27 workout for background.


Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 3/2/2004 4:54:01 PM

I′ve only done things like one arm rows and calves that way. I did read an article that stated that if one exercises one limb at a time, there is some neural mechanism that allows you to actually train it harder. ie you can generate more force with a single limb, then you can with it if the other limb is also working. 🙂


Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada) on 3/2/2004 5:58:37 PM

Thanks Az,

That seems to bear out what I felt.

I also had a slight amount of pain in my hips the day after the calf raise. This is because the hips are trying to stabilize the body.

Now this is supposed to be dangerous. However what occured to me was that we could actually strengthen this stabilizing ability. Does anyone know if there is any value to this?

Another issue is if we can generate more force with one limb then would this be a legitimate of increasing intensity? Would we create a better stimulation?

I suspect that the limitation is an electrical one. By that I mean that the brain can only send out somany impulses. If it has to divide them between two limbs then the force goes down.

Could this be an additional reason as to why isolation exercises cause more inroad?


Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada) on 3/2/2004 6:00:46 PM

Perhaps an individual who has trouble generating a high intensity could actually achieve it this way.

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