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Started By paul (McLenna, alberta, canada)

Started on: 8/10/2004 3:43:27 PM, viewed 471 times
Ramblin freak!!! MD

has anyone read the ramblin freak in muscular development magazine? this guy is awsome. he talks about everything and anything.he is halarious, he was also a good freind with mentzer and yates and sometimes talks about them in his article. also this guy has got the biggest arms ive ever seen.

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Garrett (Nipomo, CA, U.S.A.) on 8/19/2004 3:02:18 PM

Hey Paul,

Yeah, I′ve been subscribing to MD for years and I recently started reading his articles and like you said they′re hilarious! I honestly can′t wait for new issues to come out so I can read his column. I just recieved the October 04 issue yesterday with Kris Dim and Lee Priest on the cover and soon after opening the cover I went over to his column to find out more about his spider bite. Man did you see the pics of his arm in the September issue when it was all puffed up with the fluid from the spider bite? Man that was sick! A guy who has even bigger arms then Gregg is a guy called Manfred Hoeberl. You can see his book that he wrote "10 Minutes to MASSVIE ARMS" with a pic. of his arms at amazon.com in the book section if you type in the name of the book, it was also produced by John Little and Bob Wolff PH.D. His arms tape 25 1/2 in. COLD (no it′s not a typo) and they have more of a natural shape than Gregg Valentino′s without all the slopes and stuff (if you look at Gregg′s biceps you can see 2 ball shapes at each end of his biceps and a gap in the middle, prob. synthanol injections). Honestly, check out the book at amazon.com and you′ll see for yourself.

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