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Started By GURUXX52 (Plainview, NY, United States)

Started on: 8/31/2004 9:02:55 PM, viewed 866 times
HST Training

Anyone have any thoughts on Hypertrophy Specific Training? Just curious if anyone has tried it.

Thanks, Steve

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nin10dude (Salem, OR, U.S.A.) on 9/1/2004 3:08:00 PM

I may try it in a few months. I gotta say I′m skeptical, but I′ve read over everything on the site and there does seem to be some evidence to back up the theories.

Danobolic (Canada, Ontario, Canada) on 9/2/2004 10:11:08 AM

I am presently trying it right now. I just started my first workout last night. I was a fun and refreshing way to train. I really like the theory behind it, as it fits into what I believe is productive bodybuilding.

odin67 (New York, NY, U.S.A.) on 9/2/2004 1:18:14 PM

I did an 8 week cycle earlier this year and put on 20 pounds, about half of which was fat because I was eating like a pig to bulk up. Still, a 10 pound gain in 2 months is pretty good.

HD_Latino (Corona, NY, U.S.A.) on 9/2/2004 1:32:43 PM

What is HST Training?

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